Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Rio Gallegos Centro, Zona Rio Gallegos - Week 14... Moving

Alright, what's up family? I'm using a really crappy keyboard right now, so you'll all have to forgive the typos haha! 

What even happened this week... Alright, I guess we can start with Cristian. Cristian is a new investigator that we started to teach this week. He's got a pretty interesting story. He was a cobrador (like a hitman/tax collector) for the biggest crime lord in Rio Gallegos (who is currently in prison). He's been out of the business since July, and feels pretty bad for what he did, especially because he has some kids and they remind him of some of the stuff he did to other families. So he's got a lot of guilt for that. We taught him several times this week though, and we even fellowshipped him with a member that was also a cobrador a good while ago, but is now a full fledged mormon family man, and I think that really helped. He came to church this week and stayed all 3 hours, so that was great. 

On Wednesday, while contacting, we also found another menos activa that slipped through the cracks through the years. She reminds me of Luisa a lot. She invited us to come over after the holidays, in January, so I'm pretty pumped about that! Maybe we found some more gold there... 

On Thursday, we had a Christmas dinner with President, which was pretty cool. He had a short conference before that really helped me to keep working hard in this area, although it's tough right now. We made a Manequin Challenge video that they uploaded to the mission's facebook page, and yesterday, the Lideres de Zona told us that it already has over 6100 views, so thats pretty sweet. Have you guys seen it? 

Things are going very slowly in the area right now. For example, Jose and Anderson are essentially not investigating anymore, because they're working too much to have time, and it's been really difficult lately to find reliable investigators. But igual, were continuing onward! 

Saturday was the only day of the week that was terrible. We had training activities until lunch, then a lunch out in the middle of nowhere, then we moved. That might be something I forgot to tell y'all. We moved from our pension to a new one. I think the reason that we moved is because one of my zone leaders doesnt like my dueño. He's a member, but he's kind of a problem. He has some serious anger issues (he's a huge prison guard) and he's a bit immature. I think he had taken one of the missionaries before to go do trucho things, so my LZ wanted us out. I wasn't super opposed to it because the pensh was a tiny bit ghetto, but the biggest problem was that we shared a wall with our dueño, so each time there would be screaming fights, we were hearing all of it. So they decided to move us, but the problem was they didn't really inform me on any of the details. This last week and the week before, my dueño had been hounding me about money and a specific fecha to get out, so they could put other people in (even though we payed for all December) and I couldn't help him that much, 'cause I didn't know . So after lunch on Saturday, we had a cita fija, but we had to get out of the pensh, or there were going to be problems with my dueño, so the LZs said they'd take care of it. However, our cita fell, so we went to help. My dueño was outside, so I went to go to say hi to him, 'cause we had still had a nice relationship even though he had been hounding me a lot, and he turned around and told me the ugliest things about me I think I've ever heard. I was shocked! I think he was just mad that we were moving out, and there was some payment that he thought the church wasn't gonna pay him, so he took it all out on me. It got to the point where the LZs told me to leave, because they thought the guy was gonna attack me. I was a bit hurt by his words, but I was able to keep my cool, not say anything, and we just finished up the mudanza and left. Sooooo glad to have that guy out of my life! When we got into the new pensh, it was a disaster with all our stuff, but now that it's all really organized, it's actually a really nice pension, so I'm happy about it. 

On Sunday, I felt really good. One of the things my dueño told me was that I'm an embarrasment and that's why nobody likes me in Rio Gallegos. Although I knew that it wasn't true, and he was just saying whatever thing to rage on me, I couldn't help but feel a bit bad. It's sad, but obedient missionaries, usually because they're obedient and try not to spend too much time in members houses, are not always the most loved. So even though I knew it wasn't true, I coudn't help but believe it a little. But then, on Sunday, in a million little ways, I felt the love of the members and investigators. It was crazy how many people wanted to talk with us, and offer us lunches. It was cool to realize that the members are actually noting the change in the missionary work, and now responding better to us. I was happy to feel loved, not gonna lie haha! I just decided that I need to forgive my dueño, even though he probably still hates me (still don't know why) because the guy must have not had a great childhood to have developed into the person he is, and I really can't judge him. So we'll just let that water go under the bridge. 

Later Sunday night, we went to sing carols with the members. We were with my Lider Misional in the most ghetto car I've ever seen in my life, so that was funny :) 

Allen is doing okay... He gets pretty frustrated with Spanish and he was pretty rocked by Saturday, but I'm trying to help him the best I can, and always get along, so that's happy. It's stressing, but a little stress is okay sometimes. So that's how things are going on my end. 

I'm way excited to talk to you guys on Christmas. I believe that I'm going to be getting on at either 7 or 8, so be watching at 3 or 4pm. 

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! Sorry that we didn't film a video singing a christmas song for you, but just imagine a big hug coming through this email 🤗 I LOVE YOU! 

I was getting really worried about Grandpa and Abuela and Jordan, but I look back on it, and it really is a miracle that they're all safe, and I feel like God sent Officer Scott to help Abuela just as a tender mercy for her. So cool! 

Also so trunky about Rogue One, you guys are killing me! 

Anyways, be good this week, and I'll see yall on Christmas! 

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!! Feliz Navidad - Elder Jimenez

Monday, December 12, 2016

Rio Gallegos Centro, Zona Rio Gallegos - Week 13... I'm a DAD!!!

Hey y'all! 

We actually reached Monday... It feels like I haven't emailed in years jaja! Anyways, this week was definitely eventful. Me and Cole finished our short companionship (tear) with SUSHI! There's this sushi place in my area that I'd never tried, so we went there and ate sushi. And it was good. And that's it jaja!

We sent Cole off to Calafate at around 7pm on Monday, then I stayed the night with Elder Ward. I had a little crisis in the morning, because the zone leaders told me that I was leaving at 8 at night on Tuesday, then they called me in the morning and told me that my colectivo was in the terminal and was about to leave. Fastest packing I've ever done!!! I made it though, so we're good. 

Comodoro was eventful. We ended up getting up there Tuesday night. I had some letters from Abuela, as well as the envelopes you sent me Mom, and my packages are in Comodoro, but the hermano in charge of American packages doesn't know how to get them out of aduanas (customs), because he's new, so no Americans are getting packages, and they're probs getting sent back. Tear, but it's not the end of the world! 

Anyways, I met the nuevitos (new missionaries) in the morning on Wednesday at breakfast. Fun fact, the mission closed down their big pensh in Comodoro, so now the visitors stay in a hotel by the coast, so that's sick (when Alex arrived in the mission he stayed in the "big pensh" with the AP's. That was the one with the sketchy 3 level bunkbeds!)

Anyways, I met the new guys in the breakfast area, Elder Taylor from Texas and Elder Allen from Draper. GRINGOS EVERYWHERE. Me and Elder Taylor instantly hit it off, and we were joking quick, Elder Allen was a bit quiet. After breakfast, we proselyted for bit. I went with Taylor, he's a capo for sure. After that, we had lunch, some capacitaciones (training), then more proselyting. By chance, I got to go with Elder Taylor again, and we got into a house and taught his first lesson of the mish. It was sick!!! 

The classic training pics. I'm a father!

The next day - Thursday, we found out comps. ELDER ALLEN! Elder Taylor even told me as he was leaving for his colectivo "Dude, Araujos my dad, but you're at least like my stepdad or something!" 

The kid doesn't speak a lick of Spanish. But he is really obedient, has good faith, and is trying, so that's all I can ask for. To give you guys an idea of the kind of guy he is, just think of a short, even skinnier Tyler Lamoreax. Their personalities are way similar! The only thing out of him that I can see as something that I don't like is when he pulled the giant, red, UofU blanket out of his bag... NOOOOO! It's like the spirit leaves the pensh... He's dope though, so were having a good time :) 


Not gonna lie, it's really stressful to have so many responsibilities. I'm comp mayor (senior), training, with a district to take care of. And the district has hermanas. GEEZ. I take it as it comes though, and just try to stay positive and on top of things. The other new hermana is from Paraguay.

Jose and Anderson both came to church, but left after the first hour because they were running on 4 hours of sleep. I was pumped that they even came. Anderson's wife didn't have ganas though, so we'll have to keep chippin' away at her, and hope and pray for a better situation next week. 

Everything else is pretty normal. I feel like I'm growing and learning out here, very slowly, but getting there. At this point in my mission, I'm being taught less by the mission, and now I need to really start searching to learn if I want to keep growing. So that's fun :) 

Overall, I'm doing good. I'm freakin' pumped about how dope my family is. You guys seriously inspire me, you're doing so many good things, and making so many good choices, and sometimes it just make me think about what family reunions in the celestial kingdom are gonna be like ;) I LOVE YOU GUYS! LOVE YOU MOM! Enjoy your week ;) AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON THURSDAY MOM!!!!!! You made me the way I am, I owe so much to you! You're an incredible woman, and deserve all the blessings that are going to come to you in the next year of your life! 

I LOVE YOU (again) ;) 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Rio Gallegos Centro, Zona Rio Gallegos - Week 12... Wait for it...

Wow! So much to say this week! I'm going to start by responding to some of your questions: There was no surprise visit, personally I think they just told us that to get us to clean the pensiones, I also did not receive any packages. When Elder Cole came to Rio, they sent a mini misionero from my rama (branch) to Calafate (Cole's area), so that's how that worked out and they didn't have to close an area for the two weeks. The rest of your questions will probs be answered later. 

As for what's going on back home... Good for Nick (he got engaged last weekend), I'M FREAKIN' PUMPED FOR YOU AND SOFIA!!!!, and the burritos sound really good right now (we helped make 900 burritos on Saturday for the SLC homeless), so ya'll should send me some jaja! 

And now to all the crazy things that happened this week >:) So, P-Day after the ciber was sick because we balled for DAYS! Cole was his high school's point guard, so he beat me, but I actually gave him a run for his money, which was surprising!!! 

This week we ate fried chicken twice, which was legendary, and we also made a ton of tuna sandwiches. My new love for tuna sandwich is a further realization of my nightmare that I'm slowly becoming Dad... HELP ME, I CAN'T STOP!!! 


By the way, just in case ya'll didn't notice, I cumplired (completed) 8 months this week, so that was a logro grande (an accomplishment). Big news to come, but ya'll will have to wait just a little bit longer... 

As far as the visit of the Seventy on Miercoles (Wednesday), he bajared caña (scolded us - literal translation=beat with a cane) so that was fun. The really sick part though was that I had had a throat cold for days before, and I had been praying a ton that I would heal quickly, so that I wouldn't totally suck in the choir that we were doing for Elder Teixera. So the day arrived, and I still felt sick. So I was feeling a bit bad about that, and then, when we go to sing, in the five minutes that it took to sing each song, even though my throat still hurt a bit, the music came out sounding good! The rusty pipes worked! It was an awesome miracle for me :) It was also pretty cool to see some old friends from Rio Grande like Elder MacDonald, as well as ELDER CLARK (<- capo) who came from Caleta to play piano for us. 

So now I have 3 great stories to warm you all up for the big news. 

First one: DIA DE SERVICIO (day of service)! Prepare to pee your pants. So Thursday was El Dia de Servicio Mundial (the Worldwide Day of Service), and we had been going around, animaring (pumping up) members to go out and do service, and we were walking, when this little dog came running by, being chased by this little old guy. The old dude stopped to rest, and I was like "Is that your dog?" and he was like "Yeah", so then Elder Cole and I just looked at each other, and I was like "We'll get that for you" Yes for service! So the dog crossed the street, and started sniffing some weeds. So I start approaching it from the back, and Elder Cole came in from the side to corner it. I got close, and it started to trot towards Elder Cole, so he tried to grab it, and it ran past him, into the street, and it got PLASTERED by a taxi!!!! It broke the bumper, then got dragged at least 3 meters under the car and spit out the other end! Here's the crazy thing though, the dog got up and kept running!!!! I'm pretty sure that sick old man had injected that dog with ecstasy or something, cause it was nuts!!!! I looked over at Elder Cole, and he looked like he was about to cry, and I just started laughing like crazy!!! The only time you ever see anything like that is on freakin' Cartoon Network man, it was soooooo funny!!!! So that's the first story. 

Second: FAMILIA BAIER! A couple nights ago, we went over to the Baier's house to teach one of the charlas de retencion (new member discussions), and we passed the night with them. It was soooo sick. They had empanadas, and they had some of their nonmember sobrinas (nieces) there, so we got to teach them as well. I essentially love that family almost as much as my own, they're incredible! 

Alright, now to the third, LOS COLUMBIANOS! So yesterday, we were contacting, when Jose called us to cancel the cita (appointment) we had in an hour because he said Anderson was too tired. So I was feeling bad about that, and we started to walk to another investigator, when Anderson passed by in his car, and called us over. He was like "I just went to the Anonima (Argentine grocery chain), and now I'm not tired, so y'all need to come over" DOPE. So we went, woke Jose up, and had a de diez leccion (great lesson). The best part was when Anderson's pareja (wife) came. I had been using little papers earlier to explain the Apostasy, and then I used them to illustrate a situation to Anderson to help him understand why he needs to have a good testimony. So I was like, this is our church with a little piece of paper, and then there was another piece of paper which represented his wife's church. So I said, what happens if your wife comes, with her pastor, to try to convince you to stop going to our church? Right before he answered, his pareja came in to ask him a question. So he gets up, and says "Veni aca, y escucha la palabra de Dios. Esta aca, es mi iglesia, la iglesia verdadera, y la otra, es su iglesia, la iglesia de las MENTIRAS! Escucha ahora, y deja los chicos para convencerte venir a nuestra iglesia" :D ("Come here, and listen to the Word of God. This here is my church, the true church, and the other is your church, the church of LIES! Now, listen and let the missionaries convince you to come to our church!") I was DYING laughing!!! She let us teach her lesson one, which was essentially like teaching with members, because Jose and Anderson were totally testifying to her, and she agreed to come to church with us this next Sunday. CHURCH IS TRUE Y'ALL! 

Alright, now for the news that you've all been waiting for... I'M GOING TO BE A FATHER!!!! Friday night, we were listening to traslados in the celular (transfers on the cell phone), and the first thing we hear is that Elder Cole is going back to Calafate. So we were pretty much crushed, when then we heard Elder Morales say "and now for the biggest news of the night. Elder Jose Alexander Jimenez, usted ha sido llamado para servir en el area de.... CENTRO A. Todavia lol (Elder Jose Alexander Jimenez, you have been called to serve in the area of Centro A, still... lol). Y su nuevo compañero va a ser... SU HIJO PORQUE USTED ENTRENARA! (And your new companion is going to be... YOUR SON BECAUSE YOU ARE TRAINING!)" Holy. Nuts. I'm legit in a mission right now where nobody trains until the year, so just imagine how slapped in the face I felt when he told me that I was going to train! Now I have a mix of emotions. Mostly scared and excited. So by next week, we'll know who my comp is. I've heard that all the missionaries coming in are latinos, so he's probably not gringo! I'm going up to Comodoro tomorrow night to pick up my hijito (it's an 11 hour bus ride to Comodoro)! SO NUTS!!! 

Anyways, this suuuper huge email is finally done, 

FAM. I love yall. KEEP GOING WITH THEM GOALS, and pray for Nikki! MOM, I LOVE YOU! 
- Elder Now Even More Like Dad Cause I Have A Son!

Elder Alegre, the other missionary that Elder Wilhelm trained
(my brother, I only have 2, so it was sick to meet him)

I asked about the Hermanas... Hermana Rodriguez is going to Caleta (tear) and Hna. Gervasoni is training with me. We're gonna be running a jardin infantil (nursery school) in my district lol! And yes, I'm still DL as well.

My first district (as DL)
Left to right is Elder Cole, me, Hna Rodriguez, y Hna Gervasoni

Monday, November 28, 2016

Rio Gallegos Centro, Zona Rio Gallegos - Week 11... Best Week of the Mish!


Alright, now that the most important business has been taken care of, let's get down to the nitty gritty ;) This week was fire. Cole es un genio, estoy en el reino celestial :D (Cole is a genius, and I am in the Celestial Kingdom!) Alright, that's a bit exaggerated, the mish is still hard, but this week felt sooo good. 

Some of the highlights: BAUTISMO! (BAPTISM!!!) Early in the week, we were with Los Baier, getting ready for Eduardito's baptism, and Luisa was like "Quiero que se bauticen juntos." (I want the two of you to get baptized together.) So I gave Joaquin the look, and he already knew. We wrapped that cast (he broke his arm about a month ago), and had a beautiful baptism. Went off without a hitch! It was awesome. 

 Alex, Eduardo, Eduardito, Joaquin (with the cast),
Luisa, Malena, Elder Cole

This week with Elder Cole was legit 'cause he never complains and actually tries to be obedient. We definitely saw the blessings for it too. We went from 14-15 lessons and 1 nuevo per week to 4 nuevos and 21 lessons this week, so we blew it up. Melisa didn't go anywhere, but Jose, el Columbiano, is still getting there. The road will be long, but seeds right? The nuevos (new investigators) we found all are mas o menos (more or less), so well see how that goes, I'm praying that they go well. 

We found a selfie stick in the Pensh!

There's a Seventy coming to Rio Gallegos on Wednesday, and he's going to do surprise visits to pensiones, so we deep cleaned today, and Sofia, I'll just tell you... you can never complain about cleaning a bathroom ever again in your life, cause I deep cleaned a missionary bathroom. In Argentina. So just count your blessings lol! 

So yeah, this week rocked, Dad is old, and BYU is actually gonna win the bowl with Tanner at the helm, so I'm happy. 

FAMILY! I love you guys! I love hearing about all the successes that you guys are having! Pray for Nikki, MOM I love you!! Tell Abuela that I love her and miss her company each Sunday!!!! 

VAMOS PATS. - Elder Jimenez/Belichick <- had to make Dad mad at least once for his birthday XD

PS: On Sunday we taught a lesson in church about the Christmas Campaign... "ILUMINA EL MUNDO (#LIGHTtheWORLD)", the presentation didn't work, so we had to improvise, but salio de diez (it turned out great), and DO IT!!! Here's the link for 25 Days of doing Good: 25 Ways Over 25 Days

Or a printable pdf: 25 Ways Over 25 Days PDF

And to Jose...

Mom told me you wouldn't be expecting this, so surprise ;) The Argentines are celebrating your birthday, but no matter what day the actual historical event lands on, they always celebrate on Monday to work less lol! 

WOW! The sports section of this email had me LIT! When I read "Say hello to the Tanner era" a silent tear of joy left my weary eyes!! Elder Cole's from the Bay Area, so he's always like Woo Raiders, but then I whisper 49ers in his ear, his favorite team, and he cringes lol! 

As far as Thanksgiving, we didn't do anything, but I didn't feel trunky at all. There's kind of no point in celebrating it here... Christmas has been being celebrated since the start of November, but it's pretty lame here. There's not even fireworks is what I've heard... good ole Patagonia! 

Cole is a genio. He makes the mission way easier for me, so I begged Pres for another transfer in Rio Gallegos. We'll see what the Lord wants :) 

Anyway, I miss you guys, but I'm loving the mish right now, so not demasiado (I'm not missing you too much) :) District leader is just kind of a chore, plus I've got the hermanas, and I always think to myself "I shouldn't be dealing with these problems until I've got a hot wife!!!" Thank goodness I don't have Hermana Jimenez from Iquitos, Peru in my district though, or I might die... LOL love you Nikki! 

LOVE YOU DAD! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! - Not trunky Son :)

Monday, November 21, 2016

Rio Gallegos Centro, Zona Rio Gallegos - Week 10... Two weeks to fill the tank!

Here it be. The biggie. This is gonna blow your minds, crazy, stressful week, but I'm alive, so let's get into it. 

Monday was nuts, because there wasn't money, so I had to blow some home cash, which was sad, but ya fue. The day ended pretty great because we got to give a blessing of salud (health) to a family of recent converts that haven't been coming. They came to church yesterday, so it looks like the blessing must have worked. 

Tuesday was pretty tranqy. We found a new investigator named Melisa in the morning, which never happens here. She accepted a fecha bautismal which was really, really great, so we were excited! Me and Aguilar actually worked pretty well, all the way up until the end of the day, when it kind of died off for him, but at least he worked for half a day, it's better than nothing. 

Wednesday was when things got really crazy. We had a choir practice in the morning, then a vianda (meal) with the hermanas (sister missionaries) after that. We decided to eat the vianda juntos in the capilla (meal together in the church), so we went to the house, picked it up, and we were walking to the capilla, when Aguilar gets a call from president. President told him to pack his bags because he was going to be on a colectivo to Comodoro that night. So we didn't do anything the rest of that day, because he was packing, then we sent him off, and I had to stay with some of the other elders. I called president that night to talk to him, and try to help Aguilar out. President told me that Aguilar would not be returning to Gallegos, and that I would be receiving a new comp. 

I spent 3 days with the Elders from Gaucho, Gonzalez and Ross, and it was actually really good for me. They are both pretty obedient, and I was just tagging along, so I didn't have too much responsibility. 

Yesterday (Sunday) my new comp arrived. His name is Elder Cole, from San Jose, California, and he has 5 months in the mish. HE'S A BOSS!!! 

Yesterday, and today during the studies, he just followed my example, and it was great!! Last night, for example, we arrived at the pension at 8:53. With all my other comps, I wouldn't have said anything, cause they just would have thrown themselves on the bed, and done nothing, but I decided to try out my new comp. So I told him "Hey man, let's go do some contacts en la calle (on our street) until 9:00 to be obedient." AND WE DID IT! As we were walking back, he told me "I wanted to tell you that we should just stay in the pensh, but I knew deep down that this is what we should have done." A COMP WITH A MORAL COMPASS!!!! Due to the fact that we don't have Thanksgiving down here, IT WAS A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! By the way, totally forgot about Thanksgiving lol! 

Eduardo received the priesthood this week, and Eduardito's baptism is going to be on Saturday!!! I'm so happy for those guys :D

Anyways, I'm super pumped, because although I'm only gonna have Elder Cole as my comp for 2 weeks, they're gonna be 2 weeks of butt-kicking glory. I know that the Lord has more trials and tests in store for me in the future, but it's almost like he decided to give me a two week break to fill the tank, so that I can get back up to speed, and start enjoying the mish again. So right now, I'm very happy. Our pool of investigators is progressing slowly, and I think these next two weeks are gonna get em popping. So let's see how it goes!!! 

FAMILY! Thank you so much for your support. I really do love you guys, and think about y'all all the time. MOM. You're my number 1!!!! 

LOVE YOU! - Elder Jimenez

Some dope kids we met in the street that all wanted to talk about Trump. 
I also tried to send the video of me opening my birthday gift, but it wouldn't load, so this is all for today :)

Monday, November 14, 2016

Rio Gallegos Centro, Zona Rio Gallegos - Week 9...

Ooooooookay, the biggie. Let's get this in. This week was a grinder. Again... no rest for the weary I guess haha! 

The baptism last week was sick, but it was like a bonfire of hope that was thrown under the waterfall of bad things that are happening in my mission right now. I'm still psyched about it, still love Eduardo to death, but the burst of energy from the baptism lasted until the next day no mas (nothing more). Honestly, I recognized that I am part of my own problems. The things suck. Ya esta (that's it). If I choose to focus on it, and think negatively, it just makes it worse for me, but if I just say, ya fue, ya esta, and seguir adelante... the things will salir bien (that's it, that's how it is, keep moving forward... things will turn out OK). I noticed that late in the week though lol! So the start of the week was the normal, dragging my 3 year old around, who was crying the whole time. Eternal blessings to my parents who aguantared (put up with me) me when I was a niño (little boy), because sadly, I'm actually getting a taste of that experience right now. 

Things got interesting on Wednesday though. We got a call from Pres. He bajared the caña (scolded) on my comp for some macana (mischief) that he did in Comodoro, and essentially told me that Aguilar had to be perfect this week, or action will be taken. I essentially told him, "Dude, I'm here to work and not to babysit. You heard what Pres said, so you can choose if you want to change, or just keep being trucho (lazy). I'm not gonna wake you up in the morning. If you don't want problems, wake up, if you want problems, don't wake up, it's your problem." He lasted a day, and then just kept doing what he was doing before. The crazy thing is that he finds everyone in the universe to blame, including me, before ever believing that the problem could be him. It's whatever though, really it's his mission, if he wants to waste it and drag other people down when he's around them, it's his choice. As for me, I just need to keep standing tall, working hard, and being obedient. 

I won't lie, my obedience has taken a hit. I'm still obedient, I wake up on time, but I don't have the zeal I used to. It's way hard. But if I've learned anything in the mission, it's that anything is possible if the Señor (Lord) is on your side. I trust that everything is happening according to his will, and I'll just keep going, doing the best I can to fit in with what he wants me to do. Overall, this week was really rough, but it's nothing new. 

On the bright side, the Colombians are still talking to us, so were gonna work that from all angles. 

FAMILY: I love and miss you guys!!! You are all some of the best people I know, and I'm honored to be your son, brother, and grandson. 

Keep the faith, we're gonna make it through together! 

MOM! I love you, you're my HERO! 

See y'all soon - Elder Jimenez

On top of all of the frustrations of the week, Alex told me that they are changing up the way they do money in the mission and now they are getting it on the 1st and 15th. Since they had to pay all their bills the first half of the month, they were out of money by today (the 14th) and he had to buy groceries and pay for the internet for both himself and Aguilar... So that was another sore spot. I reminded him that it's really just a few dollars, but it was just the idea of it that had him frustrated. 

AND... even though he didn't receive any of the packages for his birthday, he did buy himself a harmonica (he thinks it will be fun to play on the street) and he had the birthday present that I slipped into his suitcase before he left for the MTC. Honestly, I wasn't sure if he would wait for his birthday to open it, but he did. That makes me feel a little happiness about him being so far away!

And to Jose:
So much news... the question that's burning on my mind though is if BYU got into the Big 12 or not. What happened there??? 

The Columbianos are progressing well, but slowly. No new investigators and Aguilar... read the biggie no mas. 

Trump was everywhere this week, and it just kind of makes me sad and more tired, but I'm just gonna not think about it, and everything will salir bien (turn out OK). Brendan is a boss, love that guy! 

As far as college football, you successfully made me trunky, so good job there haha! Don't stop though, cause hearing about football is one of the highlights of my week lol! GO BADGERS! 

As far as Skype goes, we'll see, but right now, I've got to take things day by day, so you'll have to forgive me if I forget about Christmas for now haha! 

I seriously miss just being able to chill with you and Mom, and just be tranqy, but the day will come. As for now, I'm gonna keep going hard, fighting for the end of the transfer, and we'll see how things go from there. It's sad, 'cause although we had a perfect baptism, I'm just kind of sick of Rio Gallegos and want to leave it behind. We'll see. 

Thanks for all you do Dad, you always give me more animo (enthusiasm) than I had before! 

I love you!!! - Elder Son

Monday, November 7, 2016

Rio Gallegos Centro, Zona Rio Gallegos - Week 8... Happiest week in the mish

I thought I should put this first...

Alright, THE BIGGIE! So we're just gonna start off with what you're all questioning... WE WERE WETTER THAN STEPH CURRY THIS WEEK! First baptism of the mish, Eduardo Antonio Baier, and he's a capo! He told me that he already started prepping names for the temple, and he'll be receiving el Sacerdocio (the Priesthood) this next Sunday, then he is going to baptize 2 of his kids on the 19th! So pumped. It's been such a long struggle, but we finally did it! 

Luisa and Eduardo's kids are named Joaquin, Eduarduito, and Malena, 12, 8, and 6 respectively. Joaquin is boss, he wants to serve a mission, Eduardito is the most innocent person I've ever met, and Malena is just awesome. Plus the whole family are big Star Wars nerds, so I'm pretty sure I'll be watching episode 32 in the celestial kingdom with those guys :)

Alright, other things... I had to bail out the font after the baptism because the drain doesn't work, so that was nuts. The even crazier thing was that one of the other gringos helping dated Kess about a month before we hooked up, so one could say he was the assist on my put back shot lol! Elder Petersen from South Jordan :) 

As far as the rest of the week goes, it was a struggle. Comp has no ganas para nada (no desire to do anything), but I'll find a way. Every trial I get helps me learn and improve, so we'll just keep going. 

My Colombian brothers, Jose y Anderson, both came to the baptism and loved it! Jose also came to church yesterday. We passed by his house later that night, and he and Anderson both said that they would like to be baptized in the future. Didn't want to accept a fecha (baptismal date), but we have the goal. Anderson told me "I want the Hermano Jimenez to baptize me". It was sick haha! Jose also told me "I think everyone in the group looks to you as the leader. When you speak, they all listen and think ´Alright the leader just got up.´" I was thinking in my head "You have no idea, but I'm flattered." It's good to have nice things said about you sometimes, and although I don't want to let it get to my head, it's also important to accept compliments graciously right?? Haha! 

Anyways, I didn't journal this week, because I officially ran out of space in the journal, but I made an exception for the baptism, and wrote it on a separate sheet, don't worry Mom lol! And I did not get the other packages either. None of the gringos are, so for now, you might want to stop sending :(

So yeah, the struggle is too real out here, but I'm just choosing to focus on the good stuff :) The bad stuff will work itself out. So proud of my family, especially my Mom, and my sister Sofia, cause you're slaying life right now, AND I'M NOT EVEN A CUBS FAN, BUT M PROUD OF DEM CUBS!!!! Break out the bomb shelters everybody, because if Trump wins, it is not statistically possible that the second coming doesn't happen! 

Love you guys, LOVE YOU MOM!!! - Elder Jimenez/Curry

To Jose:
What a sick email!!! 

Today (Alex's 19th Birthday), like you, I noticed how much I really have changed this year of my life. It's weird, because Elder Aguilar is the prototype of a teenager, and we are legit so different. I think that to see how much I really have changed, I had to see a type of what I was before. And wow, I never want to go back lol. 

THE CUBS WON THE WORLD SERIES! You said that they came back from 3-1, and I was like, Did Lebron start playing baseball???? So sick though. 

As far as your other comments, I'm starting to see that the Lord has a purpose to each trial. I have learned from each of my companions - Elder Wilhelm: How to lead and work hard. Elder Hernandez: How to be patient. Elder Bobadilla: How stay positive and rely on the Lord. And now Elder Aguilar: How to love and adjust to others needs ;)  

The baptism was legit, and it's looking like we've got 3-4 more coming, so keep the prayers coming. 

Dad, I love you and admire you, it makes me laugh thinking of you trying to jam the light clips under the roof tiles all alone XD. You are the model of what I want to be in life. In fact, you'll be weirdly surprised to know that apple pie has become my favorite dessert down here, so I think I might be taking this model of my life thing a bit to far haha! That's what Ill be eating today though :) 

LOVE YOU DAD! - Elder Son

Monday, October 31, 2016

Rio Gallegos Centro, Zona Rio Gallegos - Week 7... It went a bit like this...

Alright, let's get this over with... not that I'm not happy to hear from you guys, but this week was just horrible. It went a bit like this: 


PDay was tranqy, Boba Fett took off in the Slave 1 at 8 o'clock and that was that. I stayed the night with the ZLs where I learned that Bobadilla took the keys to the pensh with him. And we always lock the window. Sigh. Luckily, when we passed by the pensh to pick my stuff up, for some strange reason, the window was unlocked, so thank you to the man upstairs. 

My district when Boba Fett and Del Rio left

Tuesday morning I had to wake up early at 5am to pick up Aguilar, but the colectivo (bus) arrived late, at 7, so it was all in vain. Bigger sigh. 

We went back to the pensh, and Elder Aguilar started to unpack his stuff, and I was pretty pumped, until I get a call from a peluquera (hair stylist) that's a troublemaker in our area. Essentially, she owns a peluqueria (hair salon), and she loves when the missionaries come by, although she doesn't want to hear anything about the gospel. Almost all the misionaries that were previously in this area legit wasted whole transfers being trucho (lazy, disobedient) in her peluqueria. So here's the bad part. One of the missionaries that came down from Comodoro, and passed through on a different collectivo going to Ushuaia served in centro when he started the mission. Said elder told us that he was in the colectivo, when a guy came, handing out aduanas (customs) slips to cross the border. He asked said elder for his documentation, and the said elder had brought only his DNI chilena. The guy said he probably wouldn't be able to cross the border (to get to Tierra del Fuego, you have to pass through Chile). So, instead of trying to cross anyways, like any smart elder would do, said elder saw an opportunity to return to one of his old areas and be trucho, so he opted to debark from the colectivo - in the middle of nowhere. But it gets better. Instead of calling the Zone Leaders, what did said elder do? He called the peluquera (hair stylist). So I get this call, and all he says is "I'm with (name of the peluquera) and we're coming to pick you up". He was alone with her. 

Wednesday & Thursday:
I don't have the willpower to describe to you all the macanas (painful things) that went down in the next two days, but I'll just say it was the most ridiculous display of truchoness I have seen in the mish thus far. And I had to babysit him the whole time. This is a missionary who has 15 months and just got demoted to junior comp. But that's not the worst part... My new comp, who's shiny new in the mish, lost all his ganas (desire) to improve. When he saw how trucho the elder was, and how much "fun" he had, Elder Aguilar decided that althought he wanted to change his trucho ways, now he doesn't really feel like it. The Lord loves making life hard for me. So now I have a new comp that likes sleeping late every day and not contacting ever. 

It gets better though (listen for the sarcastic tone in that sentence...). Aguilar knows all the chismes (gossip) of the mission, because he was surrounded by truchos up in Comodoro, and basically, I'm officially known in this mission as "The Robot". He told me about how elders who don't even know me speak really bad about me. The stunt I pulled in the collectivo where I asked them to change the movie (R-Rated and full of super bad language) and they turned it off has also officially passed into mission lore. But it's not "Dang, Elder Jimenez, what a capo, he chose the right" it's "Wow, Elder Jimenez, what a goodie good, that guy is such a loser". So that's the saddest part about this week. My own fellow missionaries have officially passed up the common people of Argentina as the group of people that persecute me the most. There were a couple days where I was really discouraged this week. I'll just say that I hope and pray that my mission reflects the quality of some of the worst missionaries in the world, because if this is the general quality, we might as well pack up the bags and quit, because there are very few people out here who are worthy to bear the name of Jesus Christ on their chest. 

I did learn a lot this week though. First of all, I learned that the best way to lead is by example. I decided that instead of fighting with Elder Aguilar and making him hate me, I'm just gonna be perfectly obedient and drag him around with me until he gets it. I also learned that my emotional state is decided by me. I can either choose to let all the chismes worry me, and get me stressed, or just decide that they're words, and calm down, and just choose to be happy anyways. I can honestly tell you all that I'm still smiling. 

I also had some really beautiful experiences this week. First, one night, the night after Aguilar told me about all the chismes, I got really bajoñado (down/depressed). I didn't want to be in the mission anymore. But then I started to pray, and de la nada (out of nowhere), I just started to forgive all the elders that have talked bad about me, and called me names, and it was freeing. I also remember, that yesterday, during the Reunion Sacramental (Sacrament Meeting), I prayed to Heavenly Father, and just asked for peace, and it actually came. The moment after I took the water, I just heard this voice, like my conscience, telling me "Everything will be fine, stay in the mission" and I just started smiling. This morning, I read in Mosiah 23-24, where Alma and his people are enslaved by Amulón and the other priests. I found this scripture: 

21 Nevertheless the Lord seeth fit to chasten his people;yea, he trieth their patience and their faith.

22 Nevertheless—whosoever putteth his trust in him the same shall be lifted  up at the last day.

Those two verses have oficially become my favorites. The rest of the story is hermoso (beautiful), because the people of Alma were tried, and they were liberated. Lots of times, I ask myself "why does the Lord like to try me some much?" and essentially, it's because he wants to. The people of Alma weren't doing a single thing wrong, but the Lord wanted to try them. And thanks to their faith, one of the greatest prophets in history was freed from bondage, the chruch of Christ was established in the Americas, and this lonely missionary at the bottom of the world had his flame of hope rekindled.  I've learned to live the motto "Come what may, and love it". SO BRING IT ON ARGENTINA/WEATHER/TRUCHO MISSIONARIES/SATANAS. We be ready up in heah. 

Also, good news. I was able to re-contact some of my old investigators, who came to church, and are now loving the message. Also, THE BAPTISM OF EDUARDO IS THIS SATRUDAY!!! It's been such a struggle, such a fight, an uphill climp on Mount Everest, but I keep fighting, keep praying, like the 2000 stripling warriors, received many wounds, but in about 6 days, I'll be able to pray to God and say WE WON! 

Jose y Anderson, the capos from Columbia who came to church

So go Elder Jimenez, go Familia Jimenez, go God! Church is true, the mission sucks (only sometimes though), and the whites (baptismal clothes) are coming out! 

Family: I love you guys, especially you Mom, THE MOST CAPA OF ALL WOMEN! Love yall :) 

- Elder Still Smilin Even Though I Thought Robots Don't Smile But Take That System, Feelin Like Macklemore, JIMENEZ

Don't run anymore, your time is now.

To Jose

My beloved father,
At least they made the playoffs (the Cubs), that's a feat in and of itself. I'm glad that my Deflatetriots (thats right, MY Deflatetriots (meaning the Patriots)) are still deflating other teams, and deez nuts, and especialy glad that they are reaking unholy vengeance upon the Bills. Alabama is such a drag, it's like "just get out already" GO CLEMSON!!!!! 

I'm sad that Trump and Hillary are actually tied in our state with McMullin. 

Rio Gallegos is a zone, we also have cordilleras (outliers) with us (Calafate, Rio Turbio, y 28 de Noviembre). We're a zone of 24. I've got the hermanas in my district, so kill me (lol just kidding, looking at nikki though LOL).

As far as pedidos (things I need/want), for now, I'll just be happy with whatever I get :) 

Rio Gallegos is way tranks, there were gunshots the other day, but it was the first time, and they weren't to close. There was also a shootout in San Benito last week, but that's outside of my area, and it was at like 1 in the morning, so nobody was out. Centro is way tranqy though, I've never felt scared here, or in Tolhuin for that matter. 

Anyways, I'm almost out of time, but Dad, just know that I love you and that you inspire me! And with your counsels, you're like my master shifu!!! 

I LOVE YOU! - Elder Son

Here are three videos that Alex sent... I don't know if they are going to upload right here, but they are fun!

We also have beatboxing after seeing skeleton garbage guy, freaking legend lol, then we've got GAINSSSS, and a homemade alcohol stove. So legitness haha!​

Monday, October 24, 2016

Rio Gallegos A, Zona Rio Gallegos - Week 6... I don't care for this dog!

I noted from my journal this week, so this one's gonna be good >:D 

First, tell the ward to keep praying for the missionaries, cause it's working. Field Crescent ward is soooo legit, I love those guys! 

Sofia sounds as capa (awesome) as ever, but if she loses that 4.0, I officially win. Tell her that, and then I bet she'll stop procrastinating MWAHAHAHA! 

Alright, so here's what happened: The week started off with Super PDay. Bowling with an asado (BBQ) that was legit. The bowling was ghetto though, en vez de (instead of) a machine, they had two dudes behind the lanes that would put the pins back up and send the balls back on a little ramp. It was hilarious! 

Luisa and Eduardo officially started feeding us. We had a dinner with them, and it was dope. We ate pizza and talked about Donald Trump (if you haven't noticed, he's kind of the hot topic down here). He's not actually winning is he? 

Next dope thing that happened was that we got some spiritual guidance to visit Jose in the morning a couple days ago, and he was in a bad hangover. He had drank the night away for a friend's birthday, and he felt horrible. He told us that he never does stuff like that, and he felt way bad. So we cleaned his house, taught La Palabra de Sabiduria (Word of Wisdom), and tossed all his wine and ash trays. It was soooo dope, it made me think of Dad's story about Abuelo dumping out his alcohol haha! 

Next crazy thing, we were contacting this week, and we contacted a door with a little metal window in it, and when I knocked, this crazy dude opened the window without his shirt on. He started saying "Tom Hanks, Tom Hanks, Tom Hanks" The guy told me that I was the reincarnation of young Tom Hanks. He then told me that he believed in the gathering of Israel by Yahweh, the tithing system of the Adventistas (Seventh Day Adventists), and the angel Moroni. He told me he loved America and would die for the United states. I told him that we had to go, and he told me "If they ever find a cure for me, I'll go to your church, but right now, I need to go to the toilet" Just like that lol!!! His name's Mario, but we call him Tom Hanks lol!!! 

I got bit by a dog for the first time this week, it was dope though, because I was like "Owwwwwww!..... DUDE MARK THAT ONE OF THE LIST! I'm that much closer to being a real missionary!" I didn't even get in a kick in on the mutt, he better clear out of town. 

So, big news of the week... BOBA FETT IS HEADED TO TATOOINE! Bobadilla got transferred. My new comp is Elder Aguilar from Santiago, Chile. He'll be getting here tomorrow morning. Here's the craziest thing though. He has 3 months less than me. I officially subired (rose) from junior comp to senior comp and district leader, What a power trip! I'm actually way nervous, but it'll be a job, no mas (nothing more)

Alright, a couple things more, we ate A TON this week, so I'll need to do extra excercises lol! We finally got to go to Consejo de Barrio (Ward Council), and now they love us, so todo bien alli (so all is good there)

Also, Sunday, I set my asistence (attendance) record. 5 asistencias (5 investigators came)! Luisa and Eduardo came with their whole family, and they all loved it! Orlando also came with Josefina. He just needs to get married, and we'll get him in the water. Jose didn't come though, so I'll need to see what happened there... HERMANO SALFATE CAME THOUGH! He's a menos activo (less active member) that we've been working on all transfer, and he finally came! We're finally starting to see the success in this area. Me and Bobadeesh planted, now it's time for me and Aguilar to COSECHAR (HARVEST)!!!! 

Family, I LOVE YOU GUYS! I hope you know I actually mean that, I think about you guys so much! Tell all the cousins I love em! Tell Franny that I love her! TELL ABUELA THAT SU POLLO LE AMA! Mom, YOU MY NUMBER 1 (until I get married of course but as of right now) YOU MY NUMBER 1! 

Love you guys! - Elder Jimenez

And to Jose...
Oh BYU... how you pain me. The worst part of this season is that we lost the majority of the big games and we lost em by 1 or 2 points every time. Sigh... How about my Pats though? Hows the G.O.A.T. doing? Haha!!! 

That 50 miler sounds absolutely brutal, but that's totally sick that you got to see wild mustangs! It's funny that Mom was freaking out about not having cell service, because down here, you drive 5 minutes outside of the city, and it's a black hole haha!!! (To my credit, we weren't 5 minutes out, we were 100 miles out in the middle of NOWHERE and had no connection to anyone if something went wrong... 5 minutes out of the city is nothing to worry about!)

The Vargas family totally rocks, the Hermana loves me like a son. I highly offended their daughter the other day though, cause she noticed my brand new San Lorenzo key chain, and she's a die hard River fan (he's talking about the various Argentine soccer teams). We'll see how that goes lol. I chose San Lorenzo because their jerseys are sick, they're a decent team, and because when I enter a new house, and the people ask me Boca or River, I tell them CASLdA (meaning - Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro) and nobody ever gets offended haha! 

About Pres. Cutini, the sad thing is that I don't blame him (for banning the missionaries from Ward Council). Let's just say that there might have been a lack of tact in the companionship before I got here... It was dope though because we finally got to go to Consejo del Barrio (ward council), and I got to show the members that we actually work and can be trusted, and thanks to the Consejero de la Mision (one of the counselors in the mission presidency), Pres Vidal, the ward is now a ton more prepared to receive new converts. So I'm excited there. 

I was thinking about taking pics of the pensh, I deep cleaned it today (now that Fett won't be here to make messes lol) so I'll take some pics and send them next week. 

As for American politics, believe it or not, I've heard a ton about them. The Argentines watch the debates for fun. Legit, I was in the house of some members last night, and the Hermana was like "I love watching their debates, they're hilarious" They HATE Trump down here. Hate him. And I do too. My dueño (landlord) asked me what I would do if Trump didn't let me reenter the country, and I told him "Dame una arma y llamàme Elder Chè Guevara!" (Give me a gun and call me Elder Che Guevara!) He loved it haha! My history nerdiness finally pays off :D 

Anyways, so happy that the family is doing good! I think about you guys every day. Thank you sooooo much for being a good father and raising me in the strait and narrow path. I'll make you proud! 

LOVE YOU DAD! - Elder Guevara