Monday, March 19, 2018

AP, Zona Comodoro Norte - Week 31 // Rama Chacra, Zona Rio Grande - Week 1...

Wow! I heard so many good things from you guys this week! I'm happy :D

This week was packed, and really interesting...

Week 1 in the office was the routine: Goodbye dinner to the retornos, welcome to the newbies, and new leadership training. President Salerno wanted me to lead most of the trainings, because he wanted Elder Singh to see how we do things in the office, so I still had to carry the load, and it was like all other week 1's... TIRING!

It was extra weird because Sage Beesley, a high school friend of mine, came to the mission! She looked pretty shell shocked! It was cool to talk to her though, and I think she'll be fine. She went to Ushuaia, so I'll be seeing her soon! We totally forgot to take a foto though (sorry Mom!)

At the end of the week, we had booked a flight with LADE, the trashiest, sketchiest airline on the planet, so that I could get down to Rio Grande. It's cool though, because instead of 19 hours on a bus, you have 2.5 hours in a flying garbage can that actually costs less :D However, Friday night, as I was halfway through packing, and getting ready to go to a dinner with Daniel y Maria (my investigators when I was a LZ in Comodoro Norte), the airline called me (at 7:45 PM) and cancelled the flight! I was MAD!!!! So I threw everything in bags, ran to the terminal, and took the last possible bus to Rio Grande. It was a close cut!

So yeah, I passed almost all Saturday on a bus that almost left me in Chile! I've become a pro at sleeping on busses though (I use my suit coat as a blanket, and I'm gone) During the trip, I met Jennifer from Italy who speaks English, she told me all about her travels (and gave me a ton of travel tips fof the Europe trip that I want to do with my #OfficialBestFriend Elder Austin Ramsey) and I met Guillermo, a petrolero that transits between Comodoro and Rio Grande for work. Guillermo didnt really want anything, but Jennifer was super cool and accepted a pamphlet of the Restoration. I hope she reads it!

When I got to Rio Grande, EVERYTHING CHANGED! Right before I came down here, President Salerno decided to make a few more changes... He assigned me to Rama Chacra de Rio Grande, as the new Lider de Distrito of Distrito Chacra! My new companion is Elder Lees from Mesa, Arizona (2nd companion from Mesa #Farabee) and he's in his 2nd transfer in the field, which means that on top of DL, I'm a trainer!

I'm beyond pumped for the new asignacion! Elder Lees is a capo, and he already speaks spanish well. Plus, I got to speak with the district last night, and they have a lot of potential! Deep down, I feel like the Lord knew all along that this was going to happen, and I feel like Chacra is the place thats meant for me!

I'm happy for all these changes because the truth is that I was feeling a bit bad when I first got here... I couldn't believe that I wasn't assistant anymore, I don't have a car, I'm far from my family away from home (President, Hermana Salerno, Ekblad, etc...), and on top of it all, IT'S COLD DOWN HERE! It's really, REALLY, cold! Plus, I don't regret extending, I really don't, but the thought did cross my mind that I would have been hugging Mom this Wednesday, and for the first time in my mission, I actually asked myself "What am I doing here?". In Tolhuin, maybe I felt that way sometimes, but I always knew deep down why I was there, but this week, I actually didn't know what I was doing on this freezing island without my minivan.

So I prayed. I asked God to show me why I'm here, why I felt like I needed to stay. And on Sunday, as I was in Priesthood, we read these scriptures in D&C 64:25,33-34 -->
25 Wherefore, if ye believe me, ye will labor while it is called today.
33 Wherefore, be not weary in well doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great.
34 Behold, the Lord requireth the heart and a willing mind; and the willing and obedient shall eat the good of the land of Zion in these last days.
So that's what I decided to do. In that moment, I said inside myself "Father, I may not know what I'm doing here, I may not know what my purpose is, but I'm gonna do what I always do, from Tolhuin, to Gallegos, to Trelew, to Comodoro, and back to la Isla: I'm just gonna do what's right" That's been my whole mission! I haven't been perfect, and maybe I haven't always had a clear vision of the work, but I just keep working, and keep trusting in the Lord, and keep giving until the last drop. So I'M PUMPED! I think the Lord wanted me to figure all that out, and now He's revealed to me his real plan: CHACRA! We'll see how it goes!

Apart from all that, I learned to make an asado with President, and Hermano Sielas was way happy to see me, but is going to be heartbroken when he hears that I'm going to another branch!

FAMILY! I'm pumped that you guys are going well! You're all so trunky haha! We'll be seeing each other soon :) 

MOM! Congratulations on the new full-time job! I'm proud of you! LOVE YOU! 

SOFIA! Capa, capa, capa, capa, capa, capa, CAPA! Bien ahi con el tercer premio, sos una capa pero re capa, sos re inteligente. Felicidades loca! 

TE AMO! I love you guys! Have a good week :) - Elder Jimenez

Monday, March 12, 2018

AP, Zona Comodoro Norte - Week 30... Last group of Newbies.

Hey family :)

Sounds like you guys had a good week, so that makes me happy! I had a pretty good week as well!

As you guys already heard, we passed a PDay in Calafate, which was really cool! The glacier was really beautiful! It was huge, and every once in a while, chunks of ice would fall off and make huge splashes in the water. The water of the lake has a Carribean Blue color because of a substance that they call "Glacial Milk" so that's pretty interesting haha!

After going to the glacier, we went to centro, and I decided that it was finally time to buy some recuerdos to bring you guys, and I'll just let yall know, you're going to be spoiled when I get home! I spent a particularly large sum of money with some artisans who are members, named Pedro and Viki. They have a little baby named Jeremias who is literally, and they confess to this as well, the happiest baby on earth. The little guy was so cute! When we went to their tienda to buy some stuff for you guys, he was sleeping, but we woke him up, and he was all smiles. It was muy tierno!

I thought it was a worthy place to buy the bulk of my gifts for you guys because they're members, One of the pictures that I sent home is with Pedro in the terminal of Calafate. He had come to say goodbye to us and had made Elder Ekblad, Elder Singh, and I special pins with our names on them, and also, he gave me a ring, that he called the "Ring of Nefi". Its really cool, and I think I'm going to wear it the rest of my life as a recuerdo de Argentina.

So Calafate was awesome! After passing PDay there, we took a colectivo to Gallegos. On Tuesday it was Elder Singhs birthday, so we celebrated by eating sushi with the local elders, since Rio Gallegos has the best sushi restaurant in the Patagonia. It was really fun!

We had 2 days in Gallegos before the conference. In each of the 2 days, I was able to visit a family per day, los Vargas and los Baier. I was soooooo happy to hear that the Baiers are going to temple prep classes, and are determined to go to the temple to be sealed as a family this November! Those were big news for me!

los Baier

We also used the 2 days before the conference to work with the local elders. It was fun to see my old area, although these days I pass through there so much that it didn't have as much novelty as the first time I had returned.

After the conference, I had learned from one of my weekly calls that Comodoro Norte, the zone in which we live, still wasn't having much progress, so in an effort to help, after giving the conference in Gallegos, we took an 11 hour, overnight colectivo to come to Comodoro and push people to work. On Friday and Saturday, among all the other stuff we had to do, we were able to get out and do lots of divisions, giving our best effort to bring people to church, and progress as a zone.

Overall, it was a busy, but really fun week. We released transfers on Saturday. You all might like to know that Elder Allen, my trainee from a year and a half ago, is going to be a Zone Leader this transfer! I'm proud of him, he's learned and grown a lot, and he deserves it! He's going to be in Ushuaia, so the two of us are going to be in Tierra del Fuego.

However, President Salerno wants me to stay up here for the week to help show Elder Singh how to train the newbies and the new trainers and leaders, so I'm not going to make it down to Rio Grande until Saturday, on a direct flight on the sketchiest plane company of Argentina, LADE, haha! It will be fun to train the newbies though because my friend Sage Beesley from high school is in the group that's arriving on Tuesday. It's going to be weird, but fun!

All in all, I'm pumped to get back to the field for my last 5 weeks of the mission. I love Argentina, its people, the Lord, the Book of Mormon, and the mission. I'm excited to have an area where the biggest focus I have is getting out and preaching!

FAMILY! Mom is so trunky! She told me that I only have 45 days left, so that was a splash of cold water for me! I hope you guys are ready for a Star Wars marathon in the basement haha! MOM! You're so trunky! I'm glad you love me though :) I'm proud of you for almost making it through the school year! LOVE YOU!

Love you guys! - Elder Jimenez 

Monday, March 5, 2018

AP, Zona Comodoro Norte - Week 29... Trimestral (tri=3, mes=month, trimestral=3 months, o sea, 4 per year) Goals

Hey everybody :)

I'm glad that you guys enjoyed each others company this week!

This week for me was pretty busy! We gave 2 conferences, one on Wednesday in Trelew and one on Friday in Comodoro, both of which went well. We decided to continue focusing on the plan we put in motion in January, so we're reviewing some stuff in the conferences, as well as refining the plan a bit. It's going really well.

The historic record of the Patagonia for baptisms in a month is 38, which we set last year in July, which down here is always the most productive month. However, last year, President Salerno had put the goal of achiving 45 in a month. It was always there in our minds, but we never came very close apart from when we got 38, and most of the time, although it would have been cool, the missionaries didn't really put it as a real goal.

So this year, President Salerno (<-genious) decided that, instead of putting a super high goal every month that we never achieve, he put trimestral (tri=3, mes=month, trimestral=3 months, o sea, 4 per year) goals of 96 baptisms per trimester. He told us that if we can get 96 bautismos per trimester, even though wed only have to get 32 per month, instead of 45, we would increase the baptisms by 50% this year.

Closing up February, the funniest thing happened. We achieved 25 baptisms in January (which although it's not 32, is way more than last year, and a great achievement considering that we also had a good month in December), so that left us with 71 more baptisms to achieve the trimestral goal. Then, last month, we achieved 26 baptisms (which was really cool because for the first time ever in the mission, we're consistently having good months, with an increasing trend of baptsims), and when you subtract 26 from 71, it leaves you with.... 45.

March is different though. Weve never been so prepared as a mission to reach 45 baptisms. There are tons of investigators that have accepted baptisimal dates, and with the plan we put in place, the leaders have made a huge change, and are leading their zones and districts with a lot more ingenuity and power. I've got a great feeling about this month! If we can get 45 my last full month of the mission, and on top of that, achieve the 96 per trimester the first time we go after it, I will die happy!

Today, I'm writing from Calafate. On Saturday we came down here because President wanted to assist church, which was really cool. We got to do divisions with the elders here and a member. I went with the member, named Nico. We were knocking doors, not having much success, and I was like "Alright Nico, we need to set a goal. What do you want the goal to be?" We decided that we wanted to put 3 appointments for the elders to go to. We said a prayer, asking the Lord to help us with our goal, then, the next door we knocked, a man named Ricardo let us in! We taught a very spiritual lesson, and left him with a ton of interest and a return appointment. We then went on to set two more appointments with the next two people that we stopped in the street as we walked back to the meeting place with the other missionaries. I know that if we let the Lord know about our righteous plans, and ask him for help, we will have success!

President had to go to Chile for a couple days, so now, we're going to pass PDay here, then make our way to Rio Gallegos to prepare my last conference. Today, we're going to go see el Glaciar Perito Moreno, the biggest growing glacier in the world. I'm pumped! :D

To end on a spiritual note, this week, I've made an extra effort to read the Book of Mormon every day, and boy have I seen the blessings! I've been reading every night before I go to bed, and I kid you not, I've been sleeping better than ever! The Book of Mormon has become the keystone of my testimony, and I know that if we read it in a spirit of prayer every day, all the promised blessings from the prophets for doing so will be realized in our lives.

FAMILY: I'm glad that you guys were able to pass some time together this week! SOFIA! BYU! BYU! BYU! Nos vemos muchacha! MOM: You just had a same old same old week, being the hero that you are :) LOVE YOU! Love you guys :) - Elder Jimenez

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

AP, Zona Comodoro Norte - Week 28... Last trip to Ushuaia

Hey everybody :) 

I'm glad to hear that Madi's funeral was so beautiful! I'm grateful for the Plan of Salvation that Heavenly Father gave us! He really does love and has a plan for us! 

This week, once again, is a bit of a blur. What happens is that I've been in the office, and now in the mission in general, for a loooooong time, and the routine just makes everything mush together haha! There are a couple things that I remember though...

Earlier in the week, we flew to Buenos Aires, then flew to Ushuaia. Elder Singh couldn't come because he hadn't finished the tramites that he needed to complete to be able to travel. He snoozed and lost! Poor kid though haha! Aaaaanyways, one pretty cool thing that happened in Buenos Aires was that we traveled, for the first time, on a Tuesday. Aeroparque was FULL of missionaries coming and going from their respective missions. It was really cool to meet all of them! 

The craziest part of the day was that we were sitting in the airport McDonald's, waiting for the next flight, and I see a couple of hermanas gringas that were obviously new to the country and didn't know anything about anything, so I went to help them, and BOOM, when I get closer, there's Hermana Soper, from Herriman! I think her name is Ally Soper, she said that she knew Sofia. I recognized her as someone from Herriman, and it was WEIRD! I got really, really nervous, I don't know why, to the point of trembling! I think that seeing someone from home just sent me for a loop. Just be ready for me to be freaked out that first Sunday that I'm home haha! 

Ushuaia went well. The pace of everything lately has been, as the Argentines say, "a las chapas". Consejo, and boom, conferencia. We didn't have much time to plan anything, so it all seemed last minute, but the Spirit has been sustaining me a lot lately! But all in all, everything went well in Ushuaia. The sad part was saying goodbye to Elder Popa. After extending his mission for 4 weeks, he's now headed home. He was a great companion! 

Con el Popaso!

After finishing up in Ushuaia, we returned to BA, and had to stay the night because there were not any other flights that day. We were able to go to Parque 3 de Febrero, which was cool. This is where Melvin J Ballard dedicated South America for the preaching of the gospel, and then, in 2014, Russell M. Ballard, his grandson, dedicated Argentina. 

Parque 3 de Febrero

We also ate Wendy's, which was really, really good. There's nothing better than a Baconator after a 23 month Baconator fast! After sharing lessons 1 and 2 on the flight home, we made it back to Comdoro. 

These past couple days have been more tranqy. We were actually able to get out and proselyte a good deal, which was nice. Even though it's still sometimes hard for me (surprisingly) I really can see that talking with people, even if I know they're going to reject me, comes a lot more naturally now than before. You've gotta love it! 

Overall, I was a very full week! Today we're going to go to Madryn to continue with the conferences. In all that I'm doing, I can see the hand of the Lord. He really does guide this work. The mission once again had a good month, beating last month by a baptism! If we continue like this, the missionary work in the Patagonia will be changed forever! How grateful I am to have been a part of this great work, and how even more grateful I am for the opportunity that I'm going to have in 2 weeks to hit the pavement running for my last 6!

I love the Lord, and I love this work!

FAMILY! I love you guys! I'm happy that you were the chosen souls to be my mother, father, sisters, and brother-in-law. We're going to be an eternal family! MOM! I love your endurance, even in these times of stress and much work. You really are a big hero of mine, and a role model for me. I LOVE YOU! Love all of you guys :) - Elder Jimenez

Congreso Nacional, it's cooler in real life, and not from a car window

Hermano Romano, my Buenos Aires taxi driver (he's a patriarch!)

Monday, February 12, 2018

AP, Zona Comodoro Norte - Week 26... Working On All Cylinders

Dear family (and the few other people who actually read these letters still XD)

I really loved the mail this week! I was so inspired by Jenn's blog post. The faith you guys have is incredible. 

This week was WORK. Lots of it! We started the week planning out Consejo, which is going to be a super consejo (with both the lideres de zona and distrito) and it's actually going to be this week not last week. The reality that unless, President Salerno plays a sick joke on me, this is my last transfer in the office has been making me tired. I'm dying to get into the field for my last hurrah! But luckily, I'm not one of those elders that gives up and dies when he's tired, and Elder Ekblad and I have been working on all cylinders.

We're going to focus on refining the plan that we put into practice this last transfer, and it's a tedious task observing the results and feedback and deciding what needs immediate changes, gradual changes, and trial changes. And all of those are terms that we're making up as we go, so we essentially have very little idea of what were doing, but it's working. This past week was the highest achieving week in mission history, so it's pretty obvious that the Lord is backing us! I feel like I'm in this big and demanding bussiness. I'm gonna get stir crazy when I get home and don't have to constantly be thinking about what I have to do and how I'm going to do it. 

Anyways, after getting some solid plans down, we starting doing 1 on 1 trainings with district leaders in Comodoro, then, on Thursday, we jumped in the H1, and after driving through the lane changing wind bursts of the Patagonia, made it to Puerto Madryn to train the northern district leaders. We spent a day in Puerto Madryn, and on Saturday morning, we drove to Trelew. 

The trainings went well, but obviously, my favorite part of the trip was being able to go to church in Union 1, since it's been a looooooong time since I've been able to visit. The members were ecstatic! We invited Luisa to say the prayer in Gospel Principles, and in her prayer, she said (in a totally evangelico way) "Oh Lord, thank you Lord, for bringing me my first elder, who brought me Lord, your sacred word. I am so grateful Lord!" She even started crying! I love that woman! However, one of my good friends from Union, Enzo, didn't make it to church. So, among the trainings and divisions that we did, we escaped for an hour to his house. Turns out that he was doing mas o menos, but we had a really sincere chat. I think it really helped him, and I challenged him to read the Book of Mormon every day, and finish it before turning his mission papers in in April. If that kid gets on the mission, I'll be so happy! 

Overall, its been a super tiring, but great and promising week. 

FAMILY! I love you guys! 

SOFIA! I love you! Remember the things that I told you last week! 

MOM! I'm so proud of the awesome teacher that you are! That call you made is a great example of the pure love of Christ :) Love you! 


Love yall :) - Elder Jimenez

Monday, February 5, 2018

AP, Zona Comodoro Norte - Week 25... Newbies!

Wowza... The emails this week were pretty lame.

I'm really grateful for all the writing you guys do, don't get me wrong, it's just that there was a lot of bad news... However, I believe in the effectiveness of positive thinking!

Boston Knights: You guys are in my prayers and fasts. Read 2 Nefi 2, but put your names in there. The Plan of Salvation is an eternal truth! Love you guys.

Dad: I'm still a Pats fan.

Rest of the family: Alright, this week was a blur. Week 1 is always nuts. The first three nights of the week I slept an average of 5 hours! XD Another one of my good friends, Elder Faundez, went home, so that was fun. He was one of the noble and great ones for sure! The next day the newbies arrived, and some of them are really good missionaries, I can already tell! Up until thursday, we were shuttling them from place to place and doing trainings and what not. 

And then... A TRABAJAL LOCO! (in honor of my Puerto Rican bretheren (we actually pronounce stuff that way all the time just for the fun of it XD)) Friday through Sunday we spent doing chores, and getting out to work when we could. It's been a lot of contacting, talking with people in the street, and more contacting. Daiana said that she was going to come to church yesterday, and we were going to go pick her up in the morning, but she sent a message Saturday night saying that she wasn't going to go, so that was a bummer... However, she did buy a dress to go to church in, so that shows promise. Aaaaand, the Relief Society president invited her to the Bishop's Wife's baby shower, so the members are actually working (church is true!). During all the madness of the week, we ended up finding 1 more potential investigator, so well see if we can make her an investigator this week.

But yeah, pretty normal/crazy week. All the weeks are crazy in the office. I'm honestly pretty excited for that last transfer in the field.

One awsome thing that happened this week was PRESIDENT NELSON. I have really wanted to see the blessings of reading the Book of Mormon every day these last couple weeks, and wow. WOW! My testimony has Sky. Rocketed. Last week, in order to continue with the good vibes, I printed off a ton of President Nelson's old talks about the scriptures, and as I read them, two things were reinforced in my mind. 1) President Nelson is the prophet of God and 2) THE BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE. He gave a talk a while ago called "Testimony of the Book of Mormon" that is straight fire. The fire of the spirit! I felt my ming being iluminated while reading it, and then he also gave a talk in April 2017 about the Book of Mormon, and while reading about the promises that he gave if we read it every day, I was almost overcome with joy. I had to sit back in my chair and sigh because I was 0 to 100 happy reading that talk. It was really cool to read a lot information from one general authority. I would recommend it!

FAMILY: I love you guys! 

NIKKI AND KEVIN: I hope you guys are going good with everything! Love you guys! 

DAD: I'm still a Pats fan. 

MOM! Thank you for all the support that you give me out here. You really are a super mom! I LOVE YOU! 

See y'all soon, but not too soon, cause I've got work to do! - Elder Jimenez

Monday, January 29, 2018

AP, Zona Comodoro Norte - Week 24... Templo!!!

Dear family,

I'm officially the most jealous man ON THE PLANET! I can't believe you guys got to meet the Prophet! He seems like such an incredible man, I would have loved to be there. But I know where God needs me to be in this moment, so here I am. 

This week was SWEET! I think I already told you guys about the first flight to BA last week, so I'll tell you a bit about Ushuaia. The conference went really well, probably the second best out of the 4 we gave. Now we have to wait and see if our new plan gives positive results, but to start of, the week before last week (since we still don't have the numbers from last week) was our best week since November 2017, so the plan showed promise. 

After the conference, we ended us staying in Ushuaia an extra day, because President had miscalculated the time it would take to do all the interviews, and asked for a flight on Thursday instead of Wednesday. It was fine though, because we took advantage of the moment, and did some divisions with some elders that were struggling. The division went really well! Elder Ekblad found 2 future investigators with one of the companions, and the other companion and I taught a great lesson to an investigator that wasn't progressing as much as they wanted. Not only were we able to leave a great compromismo (commitment), but we also were able to help her Catholic sister participate in the lesson, and also accept the invitation to read the Book of Mormon. We taught the lesson inside one of the humblest homes that I've been inside of in my mission. It reminded me a lot of Tolhuin. I'll definitely be able to relate to you guys, Mom and Dad, when you talk about the people from your missions who lived in houses that were smaller that our kitchen. The house I was inside didn't even have walls, that had just built a little frame, and stapled plastic tarp to it. The Spirit was strong inside that tiny home, and I actually gave some of the most direct testimonies that I've given in my mission during that lesson. It made me want to get back into the field! 

On Thursday, we took the return flight to Buenos Aires. We met a girl named Agustina, who was sitting next to me, who was studying to be a lawyer in Rosario. She and I talked the whole flight almost, and we were able to share a pamphlet of the Restoration with her before parting ways.

Upon arriving in Buenos Aires, Hermano Romano, who has pretty much become our personal taxi driver in Buenos Aires, and also one of the coolest old guys I've ever met, took us to the most anticipated location of the trip: EL TEMPLO! You have no idea that joy and happiness I felt inside that building! To remember my covenants and the promise I've been given was awesome! The best part for me though was to be able to do the work for one of my Puerto Rican ancestor, Joaquin Gil de la Madrid Padilla. I have a great hope that he accepts the work that was done for him. It felt very appropriate to me that the first time I go through a 100% Spanish temple trip, that I do it in the place of my latino ancestry. Overall, it was a great, great experience. A really nice part as well was to come to know how the rest of the church outside the United States and Mexico feels about going to the temple when they don't have one around the block. It had been around 20 months since I had even seen a temple, but it made me appreciate the experience that much more. 

As we were driving through Buenos Aires, el Hermano Romano told me that 16 million people live there. I then remembered that there are 16 million members of the church. I looked around me, seeing all the people, and felt pretty dang good about how the church is growing! Elder Ekblad said "That's a lot of menos activos!", which is probably true, but then, when we got home, we looked up the population of Buenos Aires, and it said that only 2.6 million people live in the city, while there are 16 million living in the province, which includes several other big cities like La Plata, Mar del Plata, Bahia Blanca, etc. There are 5 missions in Buenos Aires, all of which have like 6 times more people than we do. I felt even better about the church now! 

Two more experiences: When we got home, we had a handful of office chores to do. However, on Saturday, we found a two hour sliver to work, and we got out. I had been feeling all day that we should head towards the beach, because people would be walking around in the neighborhoods that are close, and we could contact them. However, my mind was telling me: 1. nobody wants nobody to bother them while they're at the beach aaaand 2. there are probably some people at the beach that are dressed in ways that we don't want to see. However, the feeling bothered me all day, so when we got out to work, we started descending down to the beach. As we were walking through the little neighborhood that's next to the beach, contacting people as we went, I saw the door of a woman who had told me that she would come to church, but never did. We knocked, I heard her inside, but she didn't answer the door. Oh well! However, 2 blocks down, there lived a lady who had a 12 year old son with whom I had made a friendship. We had knocked her door lots of times, and she had never come out. We decided to knock anyways, and lo and behold, she was home! She told us that her son was with his father, and that she thought it would be good to teach her son, when we said "Daiana, it's nice and all that you want Tomi to come to church, but you need this message as well, so we'd like to invite YOU to come to church with us tomorrow. We'll come pick you up in the morning!" SHE AGREED! The assistants had never, ever in my memory had a church attendance in this mission, because were always out of town, so when we were knocking her door Sunday morning, I can't lie, I was a bit nervous that she was gonna sleep on us. But no, she answered, and accompanied us to Sacrament Meeting, even though she had worked all night long, and had gotten home at 8:30 that morning! The biggest miracle though, was that half the ward, including the Relief Society President and the bishop's wife know her because they were childhood friends that lived on the same block! 

Can I just take a moment and testify to all you that I know that the Lord is at the helm of this work. I know that he uses imperfect means to bring to pass his perfect work. I feel very blessed that the Lord sees how hard it is for us to find time to get out into the field, and for that reason, almost always that we find a time and use it wisely, I've seen miracles! 

The last experience/testimony Id like to give is my testimony of the Book of Mormon. This week, before I was sure that we were going to go to the Temple, I had a nice reading experience with 2 Nefi 2, putting my name where it says "my son" and putting "you" when it talks about the children of men. It was awesome! It helped me to appreciate more the great atoning sacrifice that Jesus Christ did for me! I love the Book of Mormon, and I know that as President Monson said in his last testimony, if we read it every day, we will be able to conquer fear and doubt, conquer temptation, have the guide of the Spirit in our lives, and have help from on high. 

FAMILY: I love you guys! Tell Sofia to write me, its been a while! MOM! I'm glad you liked Hermana Nelsons talk. I'm sure there are many ways that you can improve, but I think you're an exemplary woman! I LOVE YOU! Love you guys! - Elder Jimenez

PS sorry for all the spelling errors, these computers are in Spanish, so they tell me that my whole email is spelled wrong! XD