Tuesday, January 16, 2018

AP, Zona Comodoro Norte - Week 22... Maybe fun after the mission cut

Consejo went really well this week. The Inspired Training wasn't just good on paper, and didn't just GO well in Consejo. It's GOING well in the mission. We've got all the Lideres de Zona on board, and now we've got to work on the District Leaders. This could bring BIG changes for the mission, I have a feeling that were going to blow up in 2018. I might be crazy, and I'm sure my family would cringe hearing this, but if they let me, I might consider staying until my 21st birthday XD Luckily they won't let me do that, so I'll be home si o si in three months :) 

We actually had a couple moments to work in the area. Nothing too crazy happened. Just trying to always be outside the comfort zone :)

Mom, I'm glad that you're enjoying your activities this year! You've just got to get into the groove, and then it all gets easier and more enjoyable. 

I'm pumped for the transmission from Presidente Nelson today! We really do have prophets in these latter days! 

On top of Consejo, we also gave conferences in Comodoro and Trelew this week. Comodoro went really well. The trainings in Trelew were really great, but there are a lot of missionaries that we're a bit worried about up there, so the message was received with a bit less enthusiasm than in Comodoro. Igual, there were missionaries among them that took it well, and it's like the new habits that my mom has, once the missionaries get in the groove, they'll see that it's not anything too crazy, but that it's going to give us crazy success! 

So, I'm going to end with a story. Here in the mission, I started cutting my own hair with borrowed hair cutting machines. I would always cut the sides, on top, and try to hit the back, then ask my companion to finish the back off for me. Elder Farabee, Elder Richards, and Elder Popa all did a good job at cutting the back part, so, naturally, I thought that Elder Ekblad would do the same (it cant be that hard right?) So the other day, I'm cutting my hair, and I ask Elder Ekblad to come and finish off the back part. I was cutting for about 20 minutes, and had achieved a good look on the sides and top. It only took Elder Ekblad 5 seconds to shave a MASSIVE LINE IN THE BACK OF MY HEAD! Not going to lie, I was highly, highly displeased, but to my great surprise, I didn't yell at him. I didn't even say anything mean to him! I just looked at myself in the mirror, wallowed in horror for a couple seconds, and said "You should probably leave the bathroom now". 

So now, after taking my head to a highly over priced barbershop downtown, I officially have the shortest haircut that I've ever had! I felt bad too, because I had to go to Trelew looking like a trucho, and the worst part is that the cut looks really, really good. Like I think I'll cut my hair this way back home. Here in Argentina, we say "tiene la re facha, loco!", and that's what they told me. President wasn't too displeased, but he's going to kill me when we go to the next conference in Trelew, and all the missionaries have the hair cut like chorros! 

I hope you guys liked my story. The funniest stuff always happens to me... What luck I must have! To end my letter on a spiritual note, Id just like to say that I have a testimony of revelation. These past weeks have been full of it! I know that God helps us with our problems, especially when we go to Him for help. I also want to declare that I know that "charity never faileth"! Yesterday, in the meeting in Trelew, even though I didn't want to, and frankly was a bit scared to, I had to correct a bad behavior that several of the missionaries had demonstrated during the conference, and "el momento oportuno" was right there, in front of everyone. I took the microphone, and reprehended the whole Trelew zone. However, I tried to help them see that I wasn't correcting them out of hate, rather that I really do love them and want them to be the best missionaries they can be, and for that reason, I wasn't going to let them continue in the bad habit they showed without showing them the right path. The understanding and regret that I saw in those missionaries was sincere. I saw a desire to change in them. Jesus Christ is our perfect example, and the Book of Mormon is true. If we learn to apply the principles that the Savior taught, and to apply the divine wisdom that it found in the Book of Mormon, we will have success! I applied the charity this week, and although other occasions that I have had to correct haven't been as pleasant, the other day in Trelew was a beautiful experience. AGUANTE LA VERDAD! 

Family! I love you guys! We're getting really close! Not trunky doh... MOM, I LOVE YOU!

LOVE Y'ALL! - Elder Jimenez

Showing off the new, way too short for missionary 
but maybe would be fun to have after the mission, cut 

Monday, January 8, 2018

AP, Zona Comodoro Norte - Week 21...

Hey everybody :)

Alright, before starting this week, I promised Dad last week that I wouldn't forget to talk about what I did for New Year's Eve. The family that we originally planned to pass the new year with changed plans on us, and initially, on New Year's Eve, we didn't have anyone to pass the night with. However, when we got to the capilla, a menos activo named Jose had come to church. He's a 60 year old man that lives alone, and I had made a friendship with him while I was a Zone Leader. I started talking to him, and he told me that he didn't have anyone pass the night with either, and invited me, Elder Ekblad, and the two elders that live with us to pass the night with him. So that night, we went to his house. It was a really little place, and he only had 2 working lights in the house: the dining room and the bathroom. He had cooked in the dark! The majority of the walls of the house were just blankets nailed to the frame of the house. It was kind of sad, but Jose just has a great spirit! He had made a pig for dinner, and it was WAY good! I felt really happy that we got to pass the night with him, not only because we didn't end up alone, but especially because he didn't have to start the New Year alone, which was the best part. It was an awesome New Years! 

New Year's with Jose 

Anyways, this week was busy as always, but a good week overall. It was actually a really boring week, we pretty much just worked in the office and got out to work a bit each day. We have a lot of office work in this moment, because President Salerno had a mid-mission crisis, and this year he is gonna start busting rear ends to get people working, and is pretty much changing the mentality of his leadership. I think it's going to be really good for the mission, but now Consejo (that's going to be this Wednesday) is suuuuuuper packed with new stuff. So we've been working our tails off to get ready. Last night, when we finally defined what Elder Ekblad and I are going to talk about, we received some serious revelation. We were the last ones in the office, 10 at night, in President's office, with his whiteboard FULL of ideas and thoughts, and after putting ourselves to work things out for 3 hours, the plans came. The Spirit opened our minds, and we've got some new plans for the mission that I really think are going to change this place! I looked at the whiteboard after having done all that thinking with Elder Ekblad, and I said to him "Elder, in my 5 months in the office, I think this is by far that greatest thing we've ever thought of" SO I'M PUMPED! 

Yesterday, before the "high revelation" moment, we actually had made a road trip with President Salerno. He needed to go to Pico Truncado to apartar a new missionary that's going to Bolivia, and then we actually brought her to Comodoro, where she'll catch a flight to Lima on Tuesday. Hermana Salerno didn't come, because President's mom is currently visiting, and they can't leave her alone in the house, so when President picked us up, I said only three words to him: "Guys. Road trip." XD He always calls his truck the "oficina movil" (mobile office) but yesterday I told him that for the day it was going to be the "mancave movil" (mobile mancave) XD It was sick to pass some time with President, because hes sooooo busy that it's usually all business, and even though we talked about business that majority of the time, it was still fun to be just the three of us on the 3 hour trip to Pico. The only downside was that we had to wake up early! 

Overall, it was a pretty good week. This Wednesday is Consejo, and after Consejo, the madness starts again. Consejo, Reunion de Zona Comodoro, Reunion de Zona Trelew, Reunion de Zona Rio Gallegos, BUENOS AIRES PAPÁ! (this time only with President, o sea, GUYS NIGHT), Tierra del Fuego Zone Conf, Buenos Aires ronda 2 (we might get to go to the temple. I WOULD DIE OF HAPPINESS) and when we finally get home (meaning to Comodoro, not home to his mama!), traslados, sending the retornos home, welcoming the newbies, and it all starts over again. No rest for the weary! 

FAMILY! I love you guys so much! I've been extra grateful for you guys in my prayers this week. I'm so blessed to have a direct family like you guys, and add on top of that two awesome sides of the family, that are both super strong in the gospel, and that's all a spirit can ask for. I'm sure that when I opened my call to life in the premortal realms, everyone was wayyyy jealous! It's like I always say, I won the spiritual lottery! 

MOM! I'm so glad that work is going well for you, I love you so, so much. Can't believe I'm going to put this in my weekly mail, but not gonna lie, the thought that "I'm always going to be a mamma's boy" actually crossed my mind this week XD I LOVE YOU! 

Saludos a todos desde el fin del mundo (greetings to everyone from the end of the world!)
- Elder Jimenez

Some of the fotos from like 3 weeks ago from Punta Tombo that I can't believe I never sent to you guys. I've also got some pics of some really cute baby penguins, but those are for after the mish ;)

Teriyaki shrimp with zucchini noodles, yeah man, WE BE COOKIN' DOWN HEAH

Monday, January 1, 2018

AP, Zona Comodoro Norte - Week 20... Happy New Year!

Feliz año a todos! 

Pretty crazy that we're already in 2018, no? Nikki would know, but in the MTC, they give you this card that had your start date and your release date on it, and I remember being in my room at the MTC, and looking at that card, and thinking "Fah, 2018 is so far away!" And now we're here! How crazy! Not gonna lie that last night, I couldn't avoid the thought that coming home is getting close... I'm not trunky at all, but its just crazy to see it actually coming closer. I remember starting December with Elder Popa, and now December's over! I think when we finish January, I'm still going to feel like I've got some time left XD You just don't accept reality as a missionary! The other day, I was filling out paperwork, and one of the forms asked for my age, and I put 18, AND I DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE! I just kept filling it out, and a couple minutes later, I was like "Oh wait, I have 20 years, not 18" XD Coming home is gonna be like waking up from a sweet dream... 

Aaaaanyways, now that weve passed that super trunky moment, I hope you guys had a great New Year's Eve! It was funny, because Elder Ekblad told me that he always passed New Year's in a party with his friends, and was a bit surprised when I told him that I pass every year with you guys :) I wouldn't give up that bucket throwing, merengue listening, puzzle building (even though I never help XD), fiesta for anything! This year is going to such a crazy year of my life, but I've got a good feeling

This week is pretty much a blur for me... It's coming back to me little by little... I remember that at the start of the week, the gringos finally arrived to the mission. They seem like good missionaries :) We spent Monday welcoming them and getting them settled in (Christmas Day... thus my 2 hour late Skype call), Tuesday training them and the Trainers Training (which is one of my favorite trainings to give, because we do a sick practice). It was really weird because I always gave that training with Elder Popa, but this time I gave the training TO Elder Popa. So that was weird XD Wednesday and Thursday were spent shuttling the newbies to tramites and the terminal to get them out and to their areas. It was nice to get to know them, and like I mentioned before, they seem like really nice people. 

One of the trainers is currently living with us, so we've got a trainee also living with us, which is fun. He's a gringo, but we don't speak English to him at all, and he looks confused the whole time! It's nuts to see a kid fresh out of high school. It makes me see how I was, and how much I've changed and grown here in the mission. Family, just get ready to get to know me again, because I'm the same old Elder Jimenez, but at the same time no. We'll just have to see...

The rest of the week was spent doing changitas for Presidente. We were able to come up with a plan in which the office elders can actually keep an area up and running. The plan is that we're all going to work in the same area, and keep a really clean Area Book to coordinate our efforts. It's nice, because even if Elder Ekblad and I find an investigator, but then we leave for a month (like we do every transfer), the other oficinistas will be able to keep teaching that person. So we're excited for that! 

I have 2 big experiences that happened this week. We'll start with the mas o menos negative one, that ended up being positive. So, we were contacting in our new area, and had a couple of really sweet contacts, when we run into a man, and stop to contact him. We were offering to show a video, and he said "I'm a Christian Preacher, and am not in accordance with several of the beliefs of your church, for example the belief of becoming gods. I believe in Jesus Christ, so if it has to do with any of those beliefs of yours, I prefer not to watch" The video was Gracias a El, so it wasn't anything too crazy, and he decided to watch. After showing him the video, we asked him what he thought, and he proceeded to give a 1 hour, Bible based lecture. The worst part though was that he tore us apart! Usually, the pastors down here know the Bible a bit, but they base themselves 90% in 2 scriptures that are super easy to see why there's a flaw in their teaching, but they don't let us explain it to them because they just talk. All the other times I had run into preachers, it had been really easy to shake off the doubt that they tried to instill in me. However, this man was different. His knowledge of the Bible was INCREDIBLE. Essentially, in an hour, he picked apart several of the main points of our doctrine (he knew our doctrine super well, because he had studied with other missionaries various times, and had done research. The guy would threw around words like "Pearl of Great Price" and "Doctrine and Covenants" and that's when we knew he was legit), reciting literally more than 30 different verses of the Bible, and using them in ways that actually made a lot of sense. His doctrine was super sound. And the worst part was that he actually asked us great questions, and gave us time to think and talk, but we didn't have anything. Add on top of that, and I'd say that this is actually the worst part, but I actually felt love on his part. Most of the other preachers come and they just want to tear us apart and make us feel bad, but I felt that this guy was actually worried about our salvation. 

After that contact, I felt like trash. I noticed how much of the scriptures I don't know, nor understand. I felt bad because I'm a missionary with 21 months in the mission, but my knowledge of what I'm teaching is still totally novice. I feel like I failed the scripture that says "Seek not to declare my word, but first seek to obtain my word, and then shall your tongue be loosed; then, if you desire, you shall have my Spirit and my word, yea, the power of God unto the convincing of men". I was sooooo unprepared to meet that man, and I felt bad because sometimes, one is in the mission, and feels like they already know kind of everything, and you get comfy, and even though I still study every day, my studies are not well planned sometimes, and sometimes I come out of them without having learned much. After the contact with the pastor, I noticed how horribly unprepared I still am, and the worst part was that he gave me a new, terrible feeling: doubt. His doctrine was soooo sound, and everything he had said made sense. That was on Saturday. All Saturday night and Sunday morning, I felt depressed, because I was seriously questioning if I was in the truth or no. If all of this turns out to be a mistaken path, would I be able to change my beliefs? All my life I've been taught to believe these things, and I even feel like I have my own testimony, but if it all were a lie, would I be able to tell? Could it be that all this is a suuuuper sinister scheme of the adversary, to lull us into a mistaken path by making it seem like the right one? I couldn't stop thinking. However, after thinking, and praying, and more than anything worrying, at the end of Sacrament meeting yesterday, an inspired thought came to mind. "That man contradicted everything I believe using the Bible. However, there are thousands of churches in the world, all of which have other doctrines, and other men that also know the Bible cover to cover, that could easily Bible bash with that man, and also continue contradicting what I believe. So you'd have endless beliefs, all contradicting each other with the same book, and all at the same time contradicting what I believe, and like I said, all using one book: the Bible. Any man that believes that a God that loves us enough to sacrifice his Only Begotten Son to save us would then turn around and give us a book that has to be followed correctly to gain His salvation, but that also causes a ton of confusion, and that, according to all the other churches on the planet, only allows the 1% of the people who magically have the right interpretation to be saved is not a very logical, nor wise, nor spiritual man. It makes a ton of sense then, that to accompany that book of instructions, God would give us "the second witness" to help us find the correct path, and as the Book of Mormon says, that the Bible and the Book of Mormon will grow together, support one another, and put an end to the contention and false doctrine." The thought was enlightening, and I believe that the promise that President Monson gave last April, that the Book of Mormon would help us to conquer fear and doubt, was made reality for me to end 2017. 

Due to the HUGENESS of this letter, I'm going to save the other experience for another time. But I just want to let all of you know, that entering into this new year of 2018, I want you all to know that I KNOW THAT THE BOOK OF MORMON IS THE WORD OF GOD! I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior! He loves us! Take the New Year's goals that actually mean something to you, knock, and HE WILL ANSWER, and He will help you make 2018, and all the coming years, the best years of our lives. 

FAMILY: I hope y'all can finish reading this letter by 2019 XD It was awesome to see you guys on Christmas, and we'll be seeing each other soon :) 

MOM! Keep up the good work at school. I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT! 

Love, Elder Jimenez :)

AP, Zona Comodoro Norte - Week 19... Skype

23 Dec 11:26am...
voy a llamar a las 6 de la tarde, o sea a las 2 para ustedes, pero podria ser que yo este trabajando mucho ese dia, entonces cualquier cosa, les aviso si tengo que cambiar

25 Dec 2:06pm...
I'm gonna be calling around 2:30 - 2:40 esta bien? And I'll probably use somebody else's account :)

25 Dec 2:16pm...
Por ahi, estoy trabajando, pero voy a llamar tipo 2:40

25 Dec 2:35pm...
probablemente va ser tipo 3

25 Dec 2:40pm...
Sorry! I'm super busy today, but I'm rushing. ya voy a estar tranqy igual

25 Dec 3:22pm...
ok I finished all my stuff, I'm gonna call you guys in 15 minutes when the computer frees up

25 Dec 4pm...
Finally, we got to talk to Alex... nothing like spending Christmas Day waiting for a Skype call from your missionary!!! But, that being said, it is great to see he is so busy in the mission that it takes priority! 

Evidently the strike in Argentina made it so that the missionaries who were arriving to the mission got stuck in Buenos Aires from Tuesday through Sunday. So Alex had to arrange for all of the training, etc on Christmas Day.

AP, Zona Comodoro Norte - Week 18... Star Wars: Rogue One

Hey fam, 

I'm going to be praying a lot for the Boston Knights. Sometimes the crosses are heavy that we are called to bear, but Jesus Christ bore the heaviest of them all, and for that reason, hope will never be defeated. Death loses its sting; the grave its victory. I still believe in miracles, and I'm going to continue praying for miracles for Madi, and the best part of it all, is that there is one miracle that's already assured for her and all of us: the Resurrection. So, among all the prayers that I'm going to offer for her and her family, I'm also going to be giving thanks for the Plan of Salvation. 

It sounds like you guys are progressing well. I'm proud of the all the progress that Sofia has been making. She has learned things back home that I couldn't learn until I came down here on a mission, so kudos to you! 

This week was as busy as ever. We got back from Gallegos, had another Christmas dinner in Comodoro, and President had a ton of entrevistas that we had to direct. I can't believe that the week passed so fast though. Today, we sent off all of the retornos, although there's a huge strike happening in Argentina in air travel, and they're not going to be leaving Buenos Aires for a time. The best part is that the newbies are going to be coming to mission when fate decides it wants them to come. So this is going to be a fun week :D 

But yeah, it was a pretty boring week now that I put myself to write about it (I just noticed how horribly wrong that sentence is grammatically XD "ahora que me puse a escribir", I'm gonna leave it nada mas) The only other notable thing that we did was finish the transfers. President said that in all the time of his mission, this time was or the hardest or the second hardest doing transfers. So it was a blast! But seriously, "dimos vuelta a toda la mision". 

FAMILY! Just so y'all know, I'm horribly, terribly jealous that you guys watched Star Wars. Last night, when I finished making the video for the retornos, I named the file "Star Wars: Rogue One" for two reasons: First of all, so that when I was pulling it up on the TV, everybody would think I was secretly being a trucho, and President was going to be like "WHAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!" (which totally happened XD) and second of all, so that I could say that technically, I did watch Star Wars Rogue One in the mission XD I'm a nerd. 

DAD! Bien ahi con la promocion, ahorrá la gita para cuando te toque servir la mision de nuevo ;) 

MOM! Te amo! Me impresiona como enseñás, y encima le ayudás a Sofia con sus tareas tambien! CAPA! 

Love you guys :) - Elder Jimenez

Sunday, December 17, 2017

AP, Zona Comodoro Norte - Week 17... HO HO HO

Hey guys :)

What a week! I'm happy to hear that you have a new calling Mom! Each new calling is an opportunity to serve and grow, so get the most out of it, and SERVE! I can't believe that Jaxson Ruff is going to the MTC! I'm so proud of that kid, QUE CAPO, EH! It sounds like Dad dove into the depths of humility for a day this week! I hope you guys took videos, because I'm going to need to see to believe XD 

The week was tiring, seriously, but GREAT! I think that last week, if I'm not mistaken, I wrote to you guys from Gallegos... Yep, pretty sure. So we had the conference in Gallegos, and it went well. Elder Bragg based his talks, more than anything, on the Spirit, so they were different in each zone, according to what he felt he needed to say. It was inspiring to see how he would pause to let the Holy Ghost guide him, then continue talking. Not only did it make the conferences a lot more interesting, since I learned something different each time, but it also gave me a great feeling of thankfulness for the opportunity to be one of the only 2 missionaries that got to hear Elder Bragg speak in all the conferences. 

After finishing in Gallegos, we took a colectivo to Ushuaia (really long). In Ushuaia, the preparations went well, and the conference went smoothly. After the conference, Elder Bragg took a picture with me, and said he was going to send it to you guys, so you might have an email from a General Authority :) After the fotos, he had an interview with Elder Popa and I. 

The love I felt from that man was incredible! He transmits a peace and love that make one want to be better! One of the great lessons that I learned, and he didn't even teach it, it was the Spirit teaching me through his example, is that positive, living leaders are the most effective leaders. Before, I thought that if a leader focused very little on the weaknesses of those he led, and if he sugar coated his suggestions for improvement, that he would never gain true respect from his followers. I thought that his followers would never really improve because they wouldn't take seriously the leader. However, the example of Elder Bragg taught me otherwise. When Elder Bragg suggested that we improve in certain ways, he always expressed to us his love, and even said various times "This isn't something that you're doing bad, it's just a place where you can improve". At first, I thought "If we've got to improve, say it to us like a man! We can take it, and we'll improve!" But then I noticed that by showing us so much love, we didn't just see it, but we felt it. Every spiritually-sensitive missionary left each of the conferences with a strong desire to change, and improve, not because he had scared us into in, or threatened us into it, but rather because WE WANTED DO IT FOR HIM. And the best thing is that he was so true to his calling to represent that Lord, that by wanting to improve for him, really we were all wanting to improve for the Lord. Sometimes, we just need someone a little bit more visible to help us remember how much we love the Lord. So that was a GREAT life lesson.

Overall, the visit of Elder Bragg "me hizo re bien!" One of the ways that he wanted us to improve was in talking with everyone we can find. After he invited us to "hablar con todos" in the first conference, I started putting it into practice, and had a bunch of cool experiences. I was able to get references from taxi drivers to hotel maids. I was able to contact a girl from Germany, a bunch of people from France, and even a kid from Philadelphia. It was a great experience! 

After Elder Bragg left, we had the Christmas dinner for Tierra del Fuego in Ushuaia. It was great! President and Hermana Salerno, Elder Popa, and I did a sketch that had everyone dying from laughter, and afterwards, dressed up as Santa Claus, I was accompanied by my elf (Elder Popa) to greet all the missionaries and give out their Christmas gifts. 

The whole time I had funny things to say, and Hermana Salerno laughed so much that the majority of the fotos she took came out fuzzy! XD It was awesome to make people laugh in a way that didn't make me feel bad and didn't drive away the Spirit.  #SEPUEDE! After the dinner, and after missing our first flight out of Ushuaia because the incredible staff of Aerolineas Argentinas gave my companion the ticket of Clementino Papón (not gonna lie, I got a bit angry..), we flew to Calafate (which was less pretty than I thought it was going to be) then took a colectivo to Gallegos (making it the third time I go to Gallegos this transfer). In Gallegos, we had the Christmas Dinner, which went just as well as the first (although I'm going to be sick of asado by the time were done haha!) and then in the morning, we left for Comodoro. Mom, I've been searching desperately for a uniquely Argentine pesebre, but they don't really have any. They're all pretty generic. But I promise that I'll bring you a nativity! 

On the way back to Comodoro, we did traslados. It was hard to keep track of everything, because we had to do it on paper, and to make it worse, I'd say that these were the most complicated transfers that we've done up to this point (even president said that it was the hardest time in his mission) It seems like it gets harder and harder each time! However, looking at them this morning, I think they came out really well! Big news, there will be a change in the Assistance of this mission (I'm not sure if that's how you say it, but we'll go with it). After a chat with President, Elder Popa will be training in Ushuaia for his last transfer, in his first area. He's super pumped! I'm sad to see him go, and a bit scared of the change (since we've been together for more than 4 months) but I feel like everything's going to go great. My new companion is going to be Elder Ekblad, form South Jordan! He's a capo, so I'm pumped to show him how things are done in the office. We're going to be more obedient than ever, and I'm going to trust in the Lord, so that He can guide to be able to help President change this mission. 

So yeah, CRAZY WEEK! FAMILY: Enjoy STAR WARS THIS WEEK! I am so, soooo jealous. I haven't even seen the trailer, but the temptation is so strong. Every time it comes to my mind (not a lot, I'm not THAT trunky, but its come to mind a couple times), I feel like Chancillor Palpatine is whispering into my ear, telling me about how I'd be able to see the trailer if I fell to the dark side. I'LL BE STRONG FOR YOU GUYS! Tell me how it goes, without spoilers though, because if you spoil it for me, i'm going to Anakin to Count Dooku you XD (<- Nerd). MOM! Enjoy your new calling, and keep on grinding in school! YOU CAN DO IT! I love you! LOVE YOU GUYS! 
- Elder Jimenez

Alex is having WAAYYYY!!! too much fun as Santa...

AP, Zona Comodoro Norte - Week 16... #LightTheWorld

Alright everyone, today, in Ilumina el Mundo, the theme is "Honor thy father and thy mother" and that's going to be really easy for me because they are the two most praiseworthy people that I have the pleasure of knowing. 

MOM, you are the smartest woman I know! You are very charitable, thinking about others and doing TONS of service projects! You really do understand, in your heart and soul, the happiness that comes from making others happy. I think that you may not understand the great impact that the love you showed to me always has had in my life. You have always been there for me, cheering me on, and consoling me with that sweet, soft voice of yours when I've made mistakes or have failed in my past. It was that love that gave me the perseverance to push through my trials. You are SO patient (you raised me XD) and the best thing about you is that you have a firm testimony. I am SO grateful that I have a real, logical hope of being with you in the Celestial Kingdom one day. I LOVE YOU! 

And DAD! You are definitely the man after whom I have modeled my life. As I've already said to you many times, If I could become half the man you are, I'd be a great man. You are honorable. I've never, ever heard you tell a lie. When you say you're going to do something, YOU DO IT! You teach me so much by your example. You're not only an IMPECCABLE home teacher, but you do your visits at the start of each month. You honor and magnify the callings you are given, no matter the pressure that you receive in your job. You're hard working and dedicated: a man who shows true grit in the workplace and with your crazy hobbies. And you are wise. As I said to you in my letter this week, I know that if I need an opinion to help me make a good decision, I always have the best man on earth to go to: you! I LOVE YOU! 

I must have won the Heavenly Lottery to get parents like you guys here in the Earth. You inspire me, you build me up, and I give all the credit of all the success that I've had in my life to 1) God and 2) you guys :) You guys are a super couple! I LOVE YOU BOTH! 

Now, as for what happened this week, it was tranqy. We got back to Comodoro on Wednesday, prepped for the visit of Elder Bragg of the Seventy until yesterday, when we had the conference with him. It was awesome! It inspired me to be better :) Now, were in Gallegos (after an 11 hour bus ride in which I slept very little) getting ready for round 2 of the conference. Wish me luck! 

Elder Bragg, his wife, and Alex

FAMILY! I love you guys! Don't go doing anything foolish in these next couple months, because were close to being reunited (not trunky doh) LOVE YOU GUYS! 

MOM: Although I already wrote a lot about you, I've got to keep the good tradition that I've got going. I LOVE YOU! 

- Elder Jimenez

Christmas Stocking Package that we sent to Alex and Elder Popa