Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Rio Gallegos Centro, Zona Rio Gallegos - Week 14... Moving

Alright, what's up family? I'm using a really crappy keyboard right now, so you'll all have to forgive the typos haha! 

What even happened this week... Alright, I guess we can start with Cristian. Cristian is a new investigator that we started to teach this week. He's got a pretty interesting story. He was a cobrador (like a hitman/tax collector) for the biggest crime lord in Rio Gallegos (who is currently in prison). He's been out of the business since July, and feels pretty bad for what he did, especially because he has some kids and they remind him of some of the stuff he did to other families. So he's got a lot of guilt for that. We taught him several times this week though, and we even fellowshipped him with a member that was also a cobrador a good while ago, but is now a full fledged mormon family man, and I think that really helped. He came to church this week and stayed all 3 hours, so that was great. 

On Wednesday, while contacting, we also found another menos activa that slipped through the cracks through the years. She reminds me of Luisa a lot. She invited us to come over after the holidays, in January, so I'm pretty pumped about that! Maybe we found some more gold there... 

On Thursday, we had a Christmas dinner with President, which was pretty cool. He had a short conference before that really helped me to keep working hard in this area, although it's tough right now. We made a Manequin Challenge video that they uploaded to the mission's facebook page, and yesterday, the Lideres de Zona told us that it already has over 6100 views, so thats pretty sweet. Have you guys seen it? 

Things are going very slowly in the area right now. For example, Jose and Anderson are essentially not investigating anymore, because they're working too much to have time, and it's been really difficult lately to find reliable investigators. But igual, were continuing onward! 

Saturday was the only day of the week that was terrible. We had training activities until lunch, then a lunch out in the middle of nowhere, then we moved. That might be something I forgot to tell y'all. We moved from our pension to a new one. I think the reason that we moved is because one of my zone leaders doesnt like my dueño. He's a member, but he's kind of a problem. He has some serious anger issues (he's a huge prison guard) and he's a bit immature. I think he had taken one of the missionaries before to go do trucho things, so my LZ wanted us out. I wasn't super opposed to it because the pensh was a tiny bit ghetto, but the biggest problem was that we shared a wall with our dueño, so each time there would be screaming fights, we were hearing all of it. So they decided to move us, but the problem was they didn't really inform me on any of the details. This last week and the week before, my dueño had been hounding me about money and a specific fecha to get out, so they could put other people in (even though we payed for all December) and I couldn't help him that much, 'cause I didn't know . So after lunch on Saturday, we had a cita fija, but we had to get out of the pensh, or there were going to be problems with my dueño, so the LZs said they'd take care of it. However, our cita fell, so we went to help. My dueño was outside, so I went to go to say hi to him, 'cause we had still had a nice relationship even though he had been hounding me a lot, and he turned around and told me the ugliest things about me I think I've ever heard. I was shocked! I think he was just mad that we were moving out, and there was some payment that he thought the church wasn't gonna pay him, so he took it all out on me. It got to the point where the LZs told me to leave, because they thought the guy was gonna attack me. I was a bit hurt by his words, but I was able to keep my cool, not say anything, and we just finished up the mudanza and left. Sooooo glad to have that guy out of my life! When we got into the new pensh, it was a disaster with all our stuff, but now that it's all really organized, it's actually a really nice pension, so I'm happy about it. 

On Sunday, I felt really good. One of the things my dueño told me was that I'm an embarrasment and that's why nobody likes me in Rio Gallegos. Although I knew that it wasn't true, and he was just saying whatever thing to rage on me, I couldn't help but feel a bit bad. It's sad, but obedient missionaries, usually because they're obedient and try not to spend too much time in members houses, are not always the most loved. So even though I knew it wasn't true, I coudn't help but believe it a little. But then, on Sunday, in a million little ways, I felt the love of the members and investigators. It was crazy how many people wanted to talk with us, and offer us lunches. It was cool to realize that the members are actually noting the change in the missionary work, and now responding better to us. I was happy to feel loved, not gonna lie haha! I just decided that I need to forgive my dueño, even though he probably still hates me (still don't know why) because the guy must have not had a great childhood to have developed into the person he is, and I really can't judge him. So we'll just let that water go under the bridge. 

Later Sunday night, we went to sing carols with the members. We were with my Lider Misional in the most ghetto car I've ever seen in my life, so that was funny :) 

Allen is doing okay... He gets pretty frustrated with Spanish and he was pretty rocked by Saturday, but I'm trying to help him the best I can, and always get along, so that's happy. It's stressing, but a little stress is okay sometimes. So that's how things are going on my end. 

I'm way excited to talk to you guys on Christmas. I believe that I'm going to be getting on at either 7 or 8, so be watching at 3 or 4pm. 

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! Sorry that we didn't film a video singing a christmas song for you, but just imagine a big hug coming through this email 🤗 I LOVE YOU! 

I was getting really worried about Grandpa and Abuela and Jordan, but I look back on it, and it really is a miracle that they're all safe, and I feel like God sent Officer Scott to help Abuela just as a tender mercy for her. So cool! 

Also so trunky about Rogue One, you guys are killing me! 

Anyways, be good this week, and I'll see yall on Christmas! 

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!! Feliz Navidad - Elder Jimenez

Monday, December 12, 2016

Rio Gallegos Centro, Zona Rio Gallegos - Week 13... I'm a DAD!!!

Hey y'all! 

We actually reached Monday... It feels like I haven't emailed in years jaja! Anyways, this week was definitely eventful. Me and Cole finished our short companionship (tear) with SUSHI! There's this sushi place in my area that I'd never tried, so we went there and ate sushi. And it was good. And that's it jaja!

We sent Cole off to Calafate at around 7pm on Monday, then I stayed the night with Elder Ward. I had a little crisis in the morning, because the zone leaders told me that I was leaving at 8 at night on Tuesday, then they called me in the morning and told me that my colectivo was in the terminal and was about to leave. Fastest packing I've ever done!!! I made it though, so we're good. 

Comodoro was eventful. We ended up getting up there Tuesday night. I had some letters from Abuela, as well as the envelopes you sent me Mom, and my packages are in Comodoro, but the hermano in charge of American packages doesn't know how to get them out of aduanas (customs), because he's new, so no Americans are getting packages, and they're probs getting sent back. Tear, but it's not the end of the world! 

Anyways, I met the nuevitos (new missionaries) in the morning on Wednesday at breakfast. Fun fact, the mission closed down their big pensh in Comodoro, so now the visitors stay in a hotel by the coast, so that's sick (when Alex arrived in the mission he stayed in the "big pensh" with the AP's. That was the one with the sketchy 3 level bunkbeds!)

Anyways, I met the new guys in the breakfast area, Elder Taylor from Texas and Elder Allen from Draper. GRINGOS EVERYWHERE. Me and Elder Taylor instantly hit it off, and we were joking quick, Elder Allen was a bit quiet. After breakfast, we proselyted for bit. I went with Taylor, he's a capo for sure. After that, we had lunch, some capacitaciones (training), then more proselyting. By chance, I got to go with Elder Taylor again, and we got into a house and taught his first lesson of the mish. It was sick!!! 

The classic training pics. I'm a father!

The next day - Thursday, we found out comps. ELDER ALLEN! Elder Taylor even told me as he was leaving for his colectivo "Dude, Araujos my dad, but you're at least like my stepdad or something!" 

The kid doesn't speak a lick of Spanish. But he is really obedient, has good faith, and is trying, so that's all I can ask for. To give you guys an idea of the kind of guy he is, just think of a short, even skinnier Tyler Lamoreax. Their personalities are way similar! The only thing out of him that I can see as something that I don't like is when he pulled the giant, red, UofU blanket out of his bag... NOOOOO! It's like the spirit leaves the pensh... He's dope though, so were having a good time :) 


Not gonna lie, it's really stressful to have so many responsibilities. I'm comp mayor (senior), training, with a district to take care of. And the district has hermanas. GEEZ. I take it as it comes though, and just try to stay positive and on top of things. The other new hermana is from Paraguay.

Jose and Anderson both came to church, but left after the first hour because they were running on 4 hours of sleep. I was pumped that they even came. Anderson's wife didn't have ganas though, so we'll have to keep chippin' away at her, and hope and pray for a better situation next week. 

Everything else is pretty normal. I feel like I'm growing and learning out here, very slowly, but getting there. At this point in my mission, I'm being taught less by the mission, and now I need to really start searching to learn if I want to keep growing. So that's fun :) 

Overall, I'm doing good. I'm freakin' pumped about how dope my family is. You guys seriously inspire me, you're doing so many good things, and making so many good choices, and sometimes it just make me think about what family reunions in the celestial kingdom are gonna be like ;) I LOVE YOU GUYS! LOVE YOU MOM! Enjoy your week ;) AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON THURSDAY MOM!!!!!! You made me the way I am, I owe so much to you! You're an incredible woman, and deserve all the blessings that are going to come to you in the next year of your life! 

I LOVE YOU (again) ;) 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Rio Gallegos Centro, Zona Rio Gallegos - Week 12... Wait for it...

Wow! So much to say this week! I'm going to start by responding to some of your questions: There was no surprise visit, personally I think they just told us that to get us to clean the pensiones, I also did not receive any packages. When Elder Cole came to Rio, they sent a mini misionero from my rama (branch) to Calafate (Cole's area), so that's how that worked out and they didn't have to close an area for the two weeks. The rest of your questions will probs be answered later. 

As for what's going on back home... Good for Nick (he got engaged last weekend), I'M FREAKIN' PUMPED FOR YOU AND SOFIA!!!!, and the burritos sound really good right now (we helped make 900 burritos on Saturday for the SLC homeless), so ya'll should send me some jaja! 

And now to all the crazy things that happened this week >:) So, P-Day after the ciber was sick because we balled for DAYS! Cole was his high school's point guard, so he beat me, but I actually gave him a run for his money, which was surprising!!! 

This week we ate fried chicken twice, which was legendary, and we also made a ton of tuna sandwiches. My new love for tuna sandwich is a further realization of my nightmare that I'm slowly becoming Dad... HELP ME, I CAN'T STOP!!! 


By the way, just in case ya'll didn't notice, I cumplired (completed) 8 months this week, so that was a logro grande (an accomplishment). Big news to come, but ya'll will have to wait just a little bit longer... 

As far as the visit of the Seventy on Miercoles (Wednesday), he bajared caña (scolded us - literal translation=beat with a cane) so that was fun. The really sick part though was that I had had a throat cold for days before, and I had been praying a ton that I would heal quickly, so that I wouldn't totally suck in the choir that we were doing for Elder Teixera. So the day arrived, and I still felt sick. So I was feeling a bit bad about that, and then, when we go to sing, in the five minutes that it took to sing each song, even though my throat still hurt a bit, the music came out sounding good! The rusty pipes worked! It was an awesome miracle for me :) It was also pretty cool to see some old friends from Rio Grande like Elder MacDonald, as well as ELDER CLARK (<- capo) who came from Caleta to play piano for us. 

So now I have 3 great stories to warm you all up for the big news. 

First one: DIA DE SERVICIO (day of service)! Prepare to pee your pants. So Thursday was El Dia de Servicio Mundial (the Worldwide Day of Service), and we had been going around, animaring (pumping up) members to go out and do service, and we were walking, when this little dog came running by, being chased by this little old guy. The old dude stopped to rest, and I was like "Is that your dog?" and he was like "Yeah", so then Elder Cole and I just looked at each other, and I was like "We'll get that for you" Yes for service! So the dog crossed the street, and started sniffing some weeds. So I start approaching it from the back, and Elder Cole came in from the side to corner it. I got close, and it started to trot towards Elder Cole, so he tried to grab it, and it ran past him, into the street, and it got PLASTERED by a taxi!!!! It broke the bumper, then got dragged at least 3 meters under the car and spit out the other end! Here's the crazy thing though, the dog got up and kept running!!!! I'm pretty sure that sick old man had injected that dog with ecstasy or something, cause it was nuts!!!! I looked over at Elder Cole, and he looked like he was about to cry, and I just started laughing like crazy!!! The only time you ever see anything like that is on freakin' Cartoon Network man, it was soooooo funny!!!! So that's the first story. 

Second: FAMILIA BAIER! A couple nights ago, we went over to the Baier's house to teach one of the charlas de retencion (new member discussions), and we passed the night with them. It was soooo sick. They had empanadas, and they had some of their nonmember sobrinas (nieces) there, so we got to teach them as well. I essentially love that family almost as much as my own, they're incredible! 

Alright, now to the third, LOS COLUMBIANOS! So yesterday, we were contacting, when Jose called us to cancel the cita (appointment) we had in an hour because he said Anderson was too tired. So I was feeling bad about that, and we started to walk to another investigator, when Anderson passed by in his car, and called us over. He was like "I just went to the Anonima (Argentine grocery chain), and now I'm not tired, so y'all need to come over" DOPE. So we went, woke Jose up, and had a de diez leccion (great lesson). The best part was when Anderson's pareja (wife) came. I had been using little papers earlier to explain the Apostasy, and then I used them to illustrate a situation to Anderson to help him understand why he needs to have a good testimony. So I was like, this is our church with a little piece of paper, and then there was another piece of paper which represented his wife's church. So I said, what happens if your wife comes, with her pastor, to try to convince you to stop going to our church? Right before he answered, his pareja came in to ask him a question. So he gets up, and says "Veni aca, y escucha la palabra de Dios. Esta aca, es mi iglesia, la iglesia verdadera, y la otra, es su iglesia, la iglesia de las MENTIRAS! Escucha ahora, y deja los chicos para convencerte venir a nuestra iglesia" :D ("Come here, and listen to the Word of God. This here is my church, the true church, and the other is your church, the church of LIES! Now, listen and let the missionaries convince you to come to our church!") I was DYING laughing!!! She let us teach her lesson one, which was essentially like teaching with members, because Jose and Anderson were totally testifying to her, and she agreed to come to church with us this next Sunday. CHURCH IS TRUE Y'ALL! 

Alright, now for the news that you've all been waiting for... I'M GOING TO BE A FATHER!!!! Friday night, we were listening to traslados in the celular (transfers on the cell phone), and the first thing we hear is that Elder Cole is going back to Calafate. So we were pretty much crushed, when then we heard Elder Morales say "and now for the biggest news of the night. Elder Jose Alexander Jimenez, usted ha sido llamado para servir en el area de.... CENTRO A. Todavia lol (Elder Jose Alexander Jimenez, you have been called to serve in the area of Centro A, still... lol). Y su nuevo compañero va a ser... SU HIJO PORQUE USTED ENTRENARA! (And your new companion is going to be... YOUR SON BECAUSE YOU ARE TRAINING!)" Holy. Nuts. I'm legit in a mission right now where nobody trains until the year, so just imagine how slapped in the face I felt when he told me that I was going to train! Now I have a mix of emotions. Mostly scared and excited. So by next week, we'll know who my comp is. I've heard that all the missionaries coming in are latinos, so he's probably not gringo! I'm going up to Comodoro tomorrow night to pick up my hijito (it's an 11 hour bus ride to Comodoro)! SO NUTS!!! 

Anyways, this suuuper huge email is finally done, 

FAM. I love yall. KEEP GOING WITH THEM GOALS, and pray for Nikki! MOM, I LOVE YOU! 
- Elder Now Even More Like Dad Cause I Have A Son!

Elder Alegre, the other missionary that Elder Wilhelm trained
(my brother, I only have 2, so it was sick to meet him)

I asked about the Hermanas... Hermana Rodriguez is going to Caleta (tear) and Hna. Gervasoni is training with me. We're gonna be running a jardin infantil (nursery school) in my district lol! And yes, I'm still DL as well.

My first district (as DL)
Left to right is Elder Cole, me, Hna Rodriguez, y Hna Gervasoni