Monday, July 3, 2017

Union 1, Zona Trelew Sur - Week 18... Greatest Miracle of the Mission!

What a week! I've got a lot of news for you guys. 

I'm currently emailing from Comodoro because I'm the new Zone Leader here. My compañero's name is Elder Richards. He's from Utah and I can already tell that were gonna get along great! 

My zone is Comodoro Norte, and my area is Kilometros 5. I go to church with President Salerno in the oficina, so that's going to be way weird. The sick thing though is that Elder Richards told me of a "special surprise" that Elder Cullum's parents brought him as well, entonces when we pass by the office to drop off the new asistente viajante (traveling assistant), I'm going to be really happy! 

I'm pretty excited for the transfer, although I'm really sad to leave Trelew. Never before in my mission had I not wanted to go from an area as much as I didn't want to leave Union. But oh well, asi es la mision! 

Sadly, the baptism of Matthew did not happen. As we were filling out the registro bautismal (baptismal record), I felt strongly that we shouldn't go through with the baptism, so we postponed it. It was really hard for me, because he wanted me to baptize him. I haven't broken out the whites since Eduardo, and Mathew is the best friend I've made here in the mission, so it was a hard call. However, I know that he'll be making it in the transfer that comes. My replacement in Trelew was Elder Faundez, a trusted friend of mine here in the mission, so I can sleep tranquilo knowing that my area was left in excellent hands. 

Also, even though we didn't go through with the baptism, I saw the greatest miracle of my mission this week when we visited Mathew's family. His father had commented to him that one of his leaders in his church needed him for something, and Mathew said "And if he's a false prophet anyways, what does it matter to me?" OOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! (Tons of black guys falling backwards) His dad didn't appreciate that, so Mathew's dad and girlfriend ganged up on him, and they had a Bible bash. 

The next day, when we came to visit Mathew, to my great amazement, Roenzo, his father, and Dariana, his girlfriend, came to the table and told us that they wanted to hear our message. Roenzo had always left the room when we taught, because even though he's very friendly, he's also hyper evangelico. They told us that they needed to understand why their prophets don't have authority (and they were mad about it lol) So we started teaching. At first, they were very hostile, but we responded humbly but boldly. I still remember that when we taught about the Great Apostasy, Roenzo said "You understand that what you're saying puts my church on the line right?" and I said "That's exactly what were saying Roenzo" an undeniable spirit filled the room, and that was the turning point. As we taught about the Book of Mormon, their hearts were softened, and just before finishing, we said "On the 29th of July were preparing a baptismal service. If you guys come to know that these things are true, will you be baptized by the true authority of God?" THEY BOTH ACCEPTED! It was the most unexpected, and greatest change of heart that I have ever witnessed. God is truly great. His power to convert is limitless! It was an unforgettable experience. 

Leaving the area was hard. It was heartbreaking to say goodbye to Luisa. Everyone was really sad, and one family, Familia Guerrero, wrote me a letter that made me feel really, really good. A bunch of the members came to the bus terminal to see me off, which was nice. And now I'm here in Comodoro, I ate a delicious footlong Subway Sub for lunch, and I'll soon have a package, so life is good. These are the times when one really appreciates the mission. Each day that passes makes me see more and more how little I have left. I'M GONNA WORK TILL I DROP! All the glory to the Savior! 

FAMILY: I love you guys so much! Were gonna be together again sooner than you guys know it (Tell Conrad that I'm too down!) 

DAD: You're my hero, keep grinding! 

MOM: You already know, but still, I LOVE YOU! 
- Elder Jimenez

Familia Guerrero

Familia Millan 
(aunque los padres no llegaron, el grandote es ex misionero que era lider de zona en Union, Elder Murua)

Elder Tavares and Elder Gonzalez in Rawson

los chicos Sandoval

Familia Sandoval

Familia Rapiman

Familia Moraga



Hno Rios

Me, Elder Farabee, Mathew, and Juan Guerrero (o sea S.Q.U.A.D)

Una despedida en la casa de los guerrero

all the members in the terminal

me and Elder Farabee

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