Monday, July 31, 2017

Kilometros 5, Zona Comodoro Norte - Week 4... People of Limhi

Wow! Sounds like you guys had a killer week! I hope you enjoyed Yellowstone, seeing the pictures makes me want to go there one day :) 

As far as this week, one big accomplishment was hitting 16 months in the mission. It's really crazy to think that I only have half the time left to work than what I've already put in (8 months left). It's a reminder for me that I have to take advantage of every single day out here! 

The week was pretty good, pretty tranqy. I did a division, and we found a couple of people to add to our group of investigators, so we're slowly but surely changing this area. I'm trying to send you guys a video (not sure if it's going to go through) of the mildest part of one of the windiest days of my mission. The majority of the day, the wind was blowing so hard that if I would have opened my backpack to take my camera out, I would have lost everything. It was nuts!!! 

Familia Wohtasik is progressing... slowly... The problem is that Maria's dad is a mob boss down here, and he's super protective of his daughter, so Daniel is kind of antsy about putting a ring on the finger. Prayer and fasting go a long way though! We're going to keep working with them. I think this next week is going to be key to see if we can retain all the new people that we found this week. 

Elder Richards with Daniel and his daughter

Another big accomplishment of the mission was breaking the mission record of baptisms this month. We had 38! We'll just have to see if that trend continues in the next month. I'm pumped because most of our zone has been working hard this month, and for August, Comodoro Norte's got a full house. I've got a feeling that it's going to be a good month >:) 

The last thing that I think is worth mentioning is my reading of the Book of Mormon. I made it to Mosiah 20 this week, and I able to read about El Pueblo de Limhi. I think the story of those people is a great example of the consequences of sin. Limhi and his people were very obstinate in their sins, and when the moment came that they needed the Lord's help, he let them suffer for a season. However, if we look at the Pueblo de Alma, they lived righteously, and when they needed the Lord's help, he alleviated their burdens and eventually freed them from bondage. I know that if we live righteously, the Lord will bless us and care for us, and if we live unrighteously, we will have to suffer the consequences. I invite anyone reading this who may be passing through consequences to not blame the Lord, but rather repent, reconcile yourself with him, and wait patiently, like el Pueblo de Alma, for the blessings to come. I know that the Lord loves us and tries us to make us stronger, and if we put our trust in Him, he will exalt us in the last days. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 

FAMILY: You guys probably thought that I had forgotten you guys. I LOVE YOU GUYS! 

Sofia: I thought I'd just take this moment to let you know that I WAS RIGHT MWAHAHAHA! Glad you liked EFY :) 

MOM! You know I'm a mama's boy :) AND PROUD EH! 

Love you - Elder Jimenez

PS The internet here is una basura (trash) and my vid didn't make it. Sad day :(

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