Monday, July 17, 2017

Kilometros 5, Zona Comodoro Norte - Week 2... Coco Puffs

Sounds like everything is going good on the homefront :) It's always good to be able to not worry too much about you guys, so don't do anything foolish haha! It's pretty crazy that Mark and Ivelisse are already going home from their mission. Manden saludos (Tell them I say "Hi!")

Anyways, this week was pretty... movido (blurred) is the only palabra that comes to mind. We had divisiones (splits), consejo (leadership meeting), and work in the area, so that was all a bit crazy. 

As far as the investigators, Familia Wohtasik is going mas o menos (more or less). The good thing is that Daniel really wants to get baptized, we're even fasting tomorrow with him so that he can have strength to stop smoking. The only impediment would be his wife, Maria. She's super buena onda (cool), but doesn't have much interest right now in the message. My biggest worry is that they're not married and I'm not sure how Maria is going to take to the idea... we'll just have to see. Rosario didn't make it to church this week, but Daniel did. He showed up in a suit and tie. SUPER FACHA (posh)! Last night we had a lesson with them and showed them the talk from Joaquin E. Costa to give them some ganas (increase their desire) to investigate more. I think Rosarios got a little bit more ganas now :) 

The other milagro was that Alejandro, a guy we met last week, actually came to church. We had passed by his house to invite him Saturday night, and he actually came! That never happens here, so it was a very pleasant surprise, and he seemed to really like it, so we've got some potential there. 

I also met a woman named Adriana, who's "partnered" with a menos activo (less active). She wants to get baptized, but her pareja (boyfriend) doesn't want to get married, so we're going to be fasting with her as well. THE FAST BRINGS BLESSINGS! 

Anyways, that's pretty much the state of the work out here. We contacted a lot, and didn't have any success, but we continue with animo. 

Last night, right before going to bed, I had a lot of hunger, and so I grabbed some trucho coco puffs, but then I realized that we ran out of milk. Tragedy! So I started eating them dry, and they were stale. Elder Richards then told me that they had been in the cabinet since he had got to the area. Oh geez haha! So I started grabbing them, one by one, and chucking them at his face (he was already in bed) At first he tried to ignore it, but after a couple coco puffs to the face, he started returning fire. We ended up having a coco puff war that took like 10 minutes to clean up after, but it was totally worth it! So that was super fun :) 

Kids, just learn that sometimes in the mission, you have to create your own fun, and you have to create your own success as well, so this week, WE'RE GONNA PUT THEM HANDS BACK TO THE OBRA (WORK)

Family! I love you guys! Thanks for the prayers! I LOVE YOU MOM! Talk with y'all next week 
- Elder Jimenez

July Zone Leaders Meeting

Zona Comodoro Norte

My area is normal. Middle-lower class 
(or by united states standards THE HOOD, but that's the usual down here). 

Hey Dad :) 

As far as my area, I have no idea what your coworker was saying, cause this area is way tranqy. It's nothing in comparison to Trelew. I'm gonna be a-okay haha :) 

And, actually, I did find a way to stay warm :D SCARFS! Those things work man. 

I also want football to come, and I actually saw like half of the planet of the apes trailer while I was eating lunch yesterday. It looked intense! 

Mathew has gone downhill, but hes always been a roller coaster, so I'm sure he'll bring it back up. 

I'm proud to tell you that even though I had ZERO ganas to work out this morning, I put my hands on the floor, and busted out today's full workout, so that made me feel good :) I'm using those shoes and books to their full capacity! 

I say it every week Dad, but i just hope you know how much of an inspiration you are for me. I feel eternally blessed to be able to recognize you as my earthly father :) 

LOVE YOU! - Elder Jimenez

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