Monday, July 10, 2017

Kilometros 5, Zona Comodoro Norte - Week 1... the Lord takes care of the obedient

Alright family, we made it! 

This week was looooooong! It always is though at first in an area, so it's not like it was unexpected. 

Area Kilometros 5 (mas o menos) (more or less)

Where do I start... alright so when I got here we didn't really have anyone, and we ended up contacting almost all week. NOT FUN! It's cold here! Nevertheless, it was really cool to see how if you put your trust in the Lord, he'll work things out. Almost all of the days ended with a bang. We would contact all day, which is not good for animo, everyone would reject us, and then right in the last few hours, we would get a lesson or two. 

Right as I got here, the first day working, we focused in on a family named Familia Wohtasik. They're a family of 4: Daniel y Maria y sus dos hijos Rosario (mujer) y Astor (daughter - Rosario and son - Astor). Beforehand, they had been mas o menos investigating, but we put a lot of focus in teaching them this week, and taught them 3 times, 2 with members present. Daniel is a boss, one of the manliest but mildest men that I've met. He's also super smart though. He's just awesome! We were able to set baptismal dates for the whole family, and although there are some hurdles to... hurdle? (Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity, the usual) I HAVE FAITH! The best part about it all is that Daniel y Rosario both came to church, and Daniel liked it so much, that without our suggestion or accompaniment, he returned to the church last night to attend an autosuficiencia (self-sufficient) activity! After church, Elder Richards said to me "Dude, in my 3 months with Elder Morales we had 1 asistencia, and we just barely got 2!" Area's already changing :) 

I took a minute last night to call some of my converts and antiguos investigadores (old investigators). I called Carlos (Rio Gallegos) and Matthew (Trelew). It was really cool after the calls to reflect on my mission and to see, that although at first it didn't seem it, I really have been guided to a lot of families. 

The night after I got here, after writing you guys, we had to go to the terminal to send off some missionaries and receive some of the trainers (missionaries coming to pick up greenies). One of the trainers was Elder Tonti, who's currently in Rio Gallegos Centro. We talked a bit, and to my amazement, 2 of the investigator families that I left in Rio Gallegos are still investigating, and 1 is going to get baptized! That's when it really hit me that it's not only about the harvest that you reap, it's also important to sow for the future. 

Rocio from Rio Gallegos was serving a mini-mission in Comodoro.

We had a nice tender mercy last night. Yesterday, we walked. A TON. Searching for new investigators, without luck. We worked our way around the city, and eventually contacted a reference named Alejandro. He wasn't home, but his daughter said he would be home later. The sad thing is is that here in Argentina, the people will set a date, time, and will even give you their number to call, and when you get to their door, they'll hide and put the phone in airplane mode. So, I won't lie, I didn't have much faith. We ended up deciding to go to another investigators house, who's progressing mas o menos (more or less). However, we actually taught a pretty good lesson. Then, as we left, we decided to give one last good effort, and we returned to Alejandro's house. He was home, let us in, and offered us something hot to drink. Usually, we decline, but the day was brutal, so we decided to accept. He and his 2 kids that were home served us like we were honored guests, making us mate cocido and laying out some crackers to munch on. After taking a quick shower, Alejandro sat down with one of his sons, and they were all ears. I was star struck! It was like Heavenly Father mismo (himself) was right there, saying to us "You guys are capos for continuing to work in this super hard week, have a nice little spiritual break." I even almost started to tear up! It was one of those moments where I went from being so tired and cold to being so content, and it wore me out! Igual, a really nice tender mercy. 

Anyways, that's not everything that happened this week, but I feel like you guys get the gist. I'm really glad that I didn't start the mission in an area like this, because it's hard. Hard people, hard weather, and a less than nice pension, but the coolest thing is that I'm used to it. I love how much I've learned to let the little comforts go and focus in on the work. I've got a lot of improvements to make, but I'm getting better, so that's good haha! 

Essentially, the core message of the email this week is that the Lord takes care of the obedient, so even if things are looking rough back home, just keep going, put your trust in the Lord, live worthy of his blessings, and they will come. 

FAMILY! I LOVE YOU GUYS! Mom, you know that I love you most! STAY SAFE! 
- Elder Jimenez

Following up on a couple of my questions...
The flooding didn't affect my area that much, so it's pretty much normal. The part that got hit worst is outside of my zone, but centro is cleaned up. 

Also, all the oficinistas are in my zone, as well as the assistants (the official ones and the traveling assistants) and they're all in my ward with president. So that was fun haha! Oh and public transportation here is the worst! 

Excluding the office and the assistants we've got 12 missionaries. The traveling assistants (the elder that Alex replaced in 5K is one of the new traveling assistants) don't go with president anywhere, they just observe the mission to see where help is most needed, and usually go to the trouble spots that are farthest away from a visit from president to help them put fechas and baptize. They're always traveling. They're an invent of President Rogers that President Salerno discontinued until this transfer, where he called 2. The APs go with President where he goes (they're the real deal). The assistants are super busy in this mission, because it's so big. They're always on the road or preparing a conference.  

And to Jose... 
Ooooooh, I cant believe that Gordon left us! It's alright though, cause he went to the Celtics :) 

I think it's funny that you talk about my mission so much, I'm glad you like hearing about it, cause it's hard to earn haha! 

It also sounds like you guys had a good time for the 4th. You do a lot more than the Argentines! Their Independence Day is July 9th, and they did absolutely nothing! It was lame haha! 

Thanks for the prayers, right now I really need em 'cause Comodoro is rough, but were gonna beat it! Pray for my investigators as well, 'cause they also really need our prayers. 

Dad, I love you and admire you! I even shared with one of my investigators the other day that you are my greatest inspiration! 

Love you :) 
- Elder Jimenez

Hey, I loved the package, that was so sick! 
I think those shoes are the best I've ever received! THANK YOU!

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