Monday, June 26, 2017

Union 1, Zona Trelew Sur - Week 17... What the Lord has in store!

Hello family :) It sounds like you guys are really having a great time back home! That triathlon summer weather foto que me mandaron, re lindo (how beautiful the summer weather photo you sent me)! I could use some of that sun haha! 

This week was another bruiser, but this time I didn't let it get me down. Once again, we had rain storms to finish off the week, and we're still living in a cold winter cloud, but I just kept calm and kept on working. 

Before I get into the spiritual mood, I just wanted to let Mom know that I accidentally found out that I'm not allergic to Hazelnuts.... like a while ago... and I really like Nutella XD 

Okay, now that that's out of the way, what should I tell you guys... It's funny because various interesting things happened this week, but I would prefer to wait until I'm home to tell you guys so it makes it a bit difficult to write... 

Alright, well one downer, I'm not sure I'm going to be around for the baptism of Matthew. Traslados (transfers) are this week, and I'm pretty sure I'm going. Elder Farabee finishes in the next transfer, so either he's going to bajar and entrenar (get transferred and train) (not likely, very rare) or I'm going. We had put a fecha (baptismal date) for July 1st with Matthew, with the condition that he had to assist (attend) church all 3 weeks. He already has assisted (attended) sufficient times to be able to get baptized, but we haven't seen the commitment to come regularly to church, and we are not about to baptize a menos activo (less active). He has stopped smoking, and he broke up with his girlfriend, and it seems like the skies are really clearing for him. However, this Sunday, he didn't come to church. I'm pretty sure that he just slept in. It kills me because I think the only way to help him understand the importance of coming to church is to postpone the baptism, and miss the opportunity of having me there. The sad thing is that, as of right now, I'm the closest friend that the guy's got, and it's a hard call for me as well. But I'd rather let someone else baptize him on another day and see him one day in the Celestial Kingdom than baptize him and never see him again. We'll have to see what the Lord wants us to do. It's going to be a hard call, but maybe I'm not seeing it from the Lord's angle. Please, pray for us! 

Anyways, this week we noticed, that slowly and subtly, we've lost investigators, and now we have very few. I'm going to ask President to leave me here, because I feel like I have unfinished business. We'll just have to see what the Lord has in store. 

The plus of this week is like I mentioned earlier, even though the weather was horrible, we kept our heads up and our eyes on the prize. I have a feeling that this Semana 6 (Week 6 - last week of the transfer) is gonna be one to remember because we're going to work our behinds off (I'm not sure if a representative of Jesus Christ should say that, but ya fue, I think He's got a decent sense of humor). Trials help me keep myself on my toes and keep building my testimony, but only if I respond well to them. So I don't think I'm going to ask the Lord for trials like I have before, because I think I've got enough on my plate. But I'm going to put my trust in the Lord, and conquer the trials that I already have. 

I've been praying for many of you! 

BTW, let me know how Madi is doing. Are there news? 

- Elder Jimenez

And to Jose...
Maybe I'll put the food suggestion in practice. Well just have to see :) 

Great job with the monster tri, it would be sweet to win your age group next year! AND YES! I beat the beast (meaning Kevin) baby, let the trash talk begin! That's also pretty sweet that I would have won my age group :) (Alex did the Daybreak Tri in 2014 and was 7 minutes faster than Kevin's time this year. It also would have put him in first place in his age-group this year as opposed to 2nd when he ran.)

If Gordon Heyward goes to the Celtics he's going from one of my teams to the other, so it doesn't mean much to me haha. 

I think it's an interesting idea to pray to Heavenly Father and ask Him how I can use this trash weather to my advantage. I'm definitely going to do that. I think these months are key in my mission because the temptation to say "Ya fue, no necesito aprender mas porque solo me faltan 9 meces y ya estoy trabajando bien" (Yep, I don't need to learn anything else because I've only got 9 months left and I am working well!) is great, and I need to avoid it. No matter how good or bad my mission has been previously, there are still lessons to learn and improvements to be made. 

As far as traslados (transfers), I think I'm going, but we'll just have to see. 

Dad, thanks for giving me a solid model in my life to mold my behavior after. You're a great man! 

- Elder Jimenez

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