Monday, June 5, 2017

Union 1, Zona Trelew Sur - Week 14... El Libro de Mormon

Hola! This week was a week... we had Consejo (Leadership Meeting), so I was in Comodoro for half the week. We had one day completely al pepe (wasted) because the oficinistas didn't buy us tickets to leave until 4pm, the day after the meeting. So that was a bit ineffective, but it's okay. 

Pics of the Zone Leader's Conference

Other interesting things that happened this week... I finished reading El Libro de Mormon (Español) for the first time. I like reading it in Spanish a lot more than in English, I might even keep reading it in Spanish afterwards. It was a great experience! 

Speaking of reading the Book of Mormon, we visited Luisa this week. We asked her how her lectura (reading) of the Book of Mormon was going, and she said "Well, I started here in the beginning, and now I'm here" She opened the book to the letter "B" in La Guia del Estudio de las Escrituras (Topical Guide)! In a single month she had read the whole Book of Mormon! Then she told us of how she noticed many things that she needed to change. she told us that she doesn't say any bad words anymore. She also told us that when her neighbor wants to gossip out on the sidewalk, she says "NO! I will not listen!" and turns around and goes into her house! That made me laugh. She even said that her friend begged her to go to the casino, and after she rejected, her friend said "En serio!?!?! (Really?!?!?!)" and she was like "Yep, you can go, but I won't". She's a re capa (super boss)! It was really cool to see how the promise that the reading of the BoM will strengthen us against temptation, that the Prophet gave us this last conference, came true with Luisa. So that was awesome. 

One of the part member families that we are teaching (Familia Sandoval) finally came to church as well, so that was awesome! Thy have 3 little kids, one of whom is progressing towards baptism, that are super funny! I hope my kids turn out like them :) 

Anyways, the week was really blah, but at least some cool things happened. Sometimes, it's hard to have motivation, but those are the most important moments to do a double check on the obedience, and grind through to the good times. I'm really hoping that this week will be better. 

Anyways, that's pretty much it! 

FAMILY! I love you guys! HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY TO SOFIA! You're a capa, great job with the 4.0! 

MOM! I've been praying for you! 

I love you! - Elder Jimenez

Picture of the Beach in Comodoro

And to Jose...

If you like the Luisa story, read my email this week, it gets better haha! 

I really hope Madi can pull it out... 

Squaw Peak sounds like it sucked haha! I don't see how you enjoy things like that, but I definitely admire you're physical and mental strength! It takes a lot of the two to do what you did. 

I promised one of my missionaries that I would buy a camista del equipo que ganara el Champions, entonces me parece que hoy comprare uno de Real Madrid, pero esta bien, por que no termine comprando la de Atletico. Igual, todavia no estoy convencido por ningun equipo... no voy a elegir hasta despues de la mision nada mas :) 

It sounds like the Warriors are destroying the Cavs. Honestly, they've essentially got the Celestial Kingdoms basketball selection, so there's no beating them this time around. 

I've been missing you guys too! But, as always, no hay que desperdiciar estos dos años! En serio, Dad, te quiero mucho y te admiro. Que tengas una buena semana! Vamos a pasar estos tiempos dificiles juntos! 

- Elder Jimenez

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